EZ Bundler Not As Easy as Billy Mays Claims

by Theresa on January 31, 2010 · 3 comments

EZ Bundler looks a pretty simplistic infomercial gadget.  Billy Mays claims that he always uses and stands by the products he pitches. So lets if if this EZ Bundler Strapping Tool really helps to secure and organizes clutter and recyclables around the home.

EZ Bundler Issues

EZ Bundler IssuesFirst off, Joe tries to decipher the instructions which aren't clear at all and it wasn't Joe's fault. This seems to be a common complaint. He then tries to bundle up a simple pile of newspaper. He found that...

  • It's difficult to string the cord through the gun.
  • You have to pull the cord through the gun instead of advancing it automatically.
  • When you pull the trigger to clip the ends together the fastened end breaks apart right away or doesn't hold securely.
  • The clip has been known to get jammed in the gun.

Tommy Noel gives it a zero on the KIDK News "Spudometer" rating system. Obviously he must be from Idaho.. :)

EZ Bundler is supposed to be a new and improved version of the Handy Bundler. Geeze what else could go wrong with this thing? Don't waste your money! It's way to much hassle for what it's meant to do.

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1 Dixie Lu April 21, 2010

This is good to know! I’ve been telling my husband for MONTHS that this thing is the cat’s pajamas and we reeeeeally need one. His engineer brain could tell from a distance that it wasn’t a good design. So annoying when he’s right! – dlb

2 Theresa April 26, 2010

Engineering brain…ha ha! He’s handy to have around if he can can spot those bad infomercial products. Well on second thought, most of them are pretty bad so that can’t be too difficult. =)

3 jim August 31, 2010

Great tips on zip ties, thanks!