Samurai Shark Put to the Test in This Video Review

by Theresa on February 14, 2009 · 7 comments

The Samurai Shark is a small, portable knife sharpener. It seems like a handy little gadget for anyone like me who has a drawer full of dull knives and scissors that need sharpening.  It's almost  like a sharpening stone but instead it has two tungsten carbide blades.  If you've been putting off getting your blades professionally sharpened and are thinking of getting this Samurai Shark you might want to reconsider...Here's a really well done how-to video showing Andy sharpening up several different blades. He's got his own technique for doing this.
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Samurai Shark - Major Claims

It can re-sharpen a dull knife and make it as sharp as when it was new. The unique angle of the [tags]Samurai-Shark[/tags] blade gives your knife blades a precision edge every time you use it. The retractable sharpening blade allows you to easily sharpen all types of serrated edges.

Claims to Sharpen the Following
Knives and Cutlery
Kitchen Utensils
Scissors and Tools
Snow Boards and Skis
Axe and Pocket Knives
Lawn Mower, Garden Mower and Garden Tools


  1. If used right it does actually sharpen most blades quickly, easily and effectively.
  2. Portable and lightweight which is convenient if you want to take it on a hunting or fishing trip or keep it in your tool box.
  3. You get a bonus gift of two pairs of shears and an extra Samurai Shark, if you order it on the phone or online.


  1. The top reason for NOT using the Samurai Shark on your nice knives is that it takes off quite a bit of the blade every time you sharpen it. If you continually sharpen it with this product, it's highly possible that you can eventually take too much of the blade end off and the knife blade will break from being too thin.
  2. Many users found it difficult and time consuming to get the hang of using it. Please see the video above for helpful advice.Tip of Samurai Shark
  3. If you order this product online, and you get the bonus items but you pay a whopping $7.95 S/H for each additional item!
  4. The directions included with the product are VERY short and poorly written.
  5. The retractable blade feature, for serrated edges and scissors, requires a little more “figuring out”. It takes a long time and if you don't use it right it ruins your blade.
  6. Many consumers report that this product is cheaply made and either falls apart or breaks after a few uses.
  7. Customer service for the online company is terrible.

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Handy Hints

  • It's good as a quick fix solution to sharpening a knife that you might not value as much as opposed to your good, expensive knives you want to keep for a while.
  • You'll need to be careful so that you don't file the serrations off your blades.
  • The opening of the sharpening area needs to be adjusted for each knife since some blades are thicker than others.
  • You can pick this product up for $10 at Bed Bath and Beyond and Walgreens.

In Review
Samurai Shark is alright if you want to re-sharpen cheap blades that you can eventually replace. Please don't buy this over the phone or online and save yourself some ridiculous postage and handling charges. If you buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond keep your store receipt because it may fall apart on you. I'm also wondering, since the instructions aren't clear maybe some people aren't adjusting the edge right or are just getting frustrated with trying to figure it out. Who knows! Anyone have an experience with Samurai Shark? I'm curious if you found Andy's video (above) made it easier to figure out how to use. On to more exciting As Seen on TV products here's the Forearm Forklift review!

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1 Frank April 1, 2009

An excellent job on the video. Your calm,well-paced,honest evaluation of this product helped me greatly. You should be producing TV shows.

2 Theresa April 1, 2009

Hey Frank…Sure wish I could take credit for that video! Actually Andy put it up on YouTube for others to share and I just embedded it in the blog post. That’s why I liked his review so much since its so helpful plus he goes into such great detail.

3 Wes May 3, 2009

Thanks so much for putting up this video! The directions that come with the sharpener are awful so it was very helpful. I was truly amazed at my results with scissors and metal sheers. I have many pairs and use them a lot. Definitely worth it just for that.

4 Old_Philosopher December 26, 2009

This Shark was gifted to me, through a major retailer’s “As Seen On TV” isle. Only cost $10. Well worth it for scissors and my machetes.
My observations so far, regarding complaints:
The carbide steel bits in the Shark take off a LOT of material. Use a soft touch!
There are two “knobs” on the Shark. The one on the rear, scissor sharpener loosens the bit so it can be reversed to prolong its life. If you turn this, the bit will fall out!
The little blue dial on the main grip adjusts the pitch of the “V” bit. It you mess with this, without observing what it’s doing, you will make have terrible results on your knives.
The angle of the “V” guides is there for a reason! If you adjust the little blue dial to center the bit in the “V”, you want to hold your knife blade so it rests against the “V” guide edges. That way, you will get a uniform bevel on you blade.
This is NOT a precision knife sharpening system. But if your filleting knife gets dull in the middle of a fishing trip, it’s a valuable addition to your tackle box.

5 Larry April 24, 2010

Did not get to watch the video, but everything that has been said is very true. A remarkable little tool that is very handy to have around and does a really good job of putting an edge on a knife or sword. The problem is that I have to keep putting the tool back together because it is so cheaply made. The performance of the tool clearly out does the quality of the tool. The adjustable center blade continuosly comes off the little plastic blue pin on the screw turner for ajusting the center blade, this needs to be upgraded somehow.

6 Sherry September 28, 2010

Great Video. Will try to sharpen now. Both my son, 17, and I tried to use unsecessfully prior to video. My disabled husband called and bought from info-comercial. They sold him several sharpeners and the bill was $100. He forgot he did it, so I called Sharp several times to find out what he bought. I had the reference no. from bank statement. They said they had no record of his purchase and could not tell me what he bought. After his death, I found the sharpeners. Thanks for your help. Do Not Call In To Buy Any Info as they hard sell many additional products as 30 day trails and then bill your credit card.

7 Precision Knife December 9, 2010

Having a knife handy is one of the most useful tools to keep around. Thanks for sharing this one with us.