Find Out if the Thumbs Up Driver Gets a Handyman’s Approval

by Theresa on November 4, 2009 · 2 comments

The Thumbs Up Driver comes with both a large and small driver. The larger one is for big projects. The mini driver is sized just right for electronics, eyeglasses, watches. Joe the Handyman/News Anchor over at News Channel 11 tested it on various objects around the newsroom.

Thumbs up to the Thumbs Up Driver! Thumbs up to the Thumbs Up Driver

Product Claims

The large driver lends a hand on big projects, while the mini driver is sized just right for eyeglasses, watches, and electronics.
The [tags]thumb driver[/tags] bits are self contained and slide individually.
The set includes a large screwdriver with six bits and also a precision mini screwdriver with six bits. Measurements: Large 7"L x 1-1/2"Diam; Mini 4"H x 1"Diam



  • Its like carrying around six screwdrivers in one hand instead of having to dig around for 6 different sizes.
  • The bits are self contained and easily slide into place with just your thumb.
  • The one handed bit changes make it very easy to change the screwdriver heads without digging through a tool bag.
  • Auto locking feature prevents the bit from dislodging or retracting back into the screwdriver.
  • Works for all household appliances and electronics
  • Easy bit selection since its got a sign of the bit on the cone to see which button to push with your thumb.


  • Joe noticed that its sometimes hard to get down into some smaller areas since this screwdriver is a little thick in size.
  • Also if you hold the tip at a wrong angle it sometimes hesitates to go up, but its easy to remedy.

Thumbs Up Driver gets two big thumbs up. Wow nice to see a good quality in an infomercial product for a change. You can pick one up at Walgreens for $10. Well worth it! Here's one that's not worth buying. Guess they never made the "Pro" version any's called the Package Shark Pro.

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1 Bonnie Bruce December 6, 2012

where can I buy one of these Thumbs up precision mini driver?
Have one and love it would like to buy one for a gift.

2 Theresa December 7, 2012

Bonnie, I looked everywhere but it looks like it’s not for sale anymore! You can trying checking with Walgreens, Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond where they carry As Seen on TV goods. They still might have it there…