Find Out if Always Fresh Containers Keeps Food Fresher, Longer

by Theresa on December 20, 2009 · 3 comments

Always Fresh Containers are basically a container version of the Debbie Meyer Green Bags. I used to feel so guilty about wasting money on moldy fruits and veges and I figure you probably do as well. I was really curious to find out how well these containers worked and if these are are as good as the Green Bags.

Always Fresh Containers are getting mixed reviews

Infomercial Claims

  • Absorbs and removes damaging gases from rotting food
  • Supposed to keep your food fresh for 20 days of storage
  • Supposed to work for fruits and vegetables as well as cheese, meat, bread, herbs, sauces and soups. Also keeps bread soft and cookies and crackers crisp.
  • They call it a 10 piece set which is actually five containers with five lids. The sizes are 16, 24, 61 and 96 ounces.


  • Above, Eleven Alive News tried Always Fresh Containers. They did a side by side container comparison of the Always Fresh vs regular containers and checked after 7 days and 10 days. They tested chicken salad, strawberries, bananas and bread. Overall, after 7 days Always Fresh really did keep all of these items fresh. I have to mention that in another experiment, Regina tried the Debbie Meyer Green Bags and thought the food would last longer in them than in the Always Fresh Containers.
  • Containers, stack nicely inside one another when not in use.


  • As you can see in the video above, the food did not last 10 days in the container.
  • Another News Station did a review on the containers for a total of two weeks. They used a variety of food and EVERYTHING went bad except for the tomato. So the food doesn't last 20 days as they claim in the infomercial. Probably around 1 week tops.
  • You can't microwave the with them or put them in the dishwasher as the infomercial claims. The containers will actually warp.
  • You aren't able to see what's inside because of the dark green color.
  • They are quite small and it's difficult to put large vegetables into it.
  • If you buy online you might be surprised at how the s/h charges add up. You'll pay $20 plus $9 s/h for each set.

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One Hint When Using Always Fresh Containers

I should mention that the maker of Always Fresh Containers suggest that you keep the produce dry when you store them. I agree with this because I personally, always wrap my veges in s paper towel before I store it away and it stays nice for a long long time. You can even store produce in the grocery store bag you brought home with you and you'll see it lasts much longer with a paper towel wrapped completely around the produce.  The one change I did make was with my celery. I found that if I wrapped it in a wet paper towel and put it in a bag it didn't dry out, stayed crisp and lasted much longer. Probably because of the high water content in this vegetable.

Other Solutions to Keeping Food Fresh

Good House Keeping recently did a review on several storage containers for both wet and dry food. You can see their review here.

The one thing I disagree with is that they said that the Fresh Vac containers don't hold air. I personally own a set these containers and absolutely love them! On rare occasions I find that the air comes out but for the majority of times they hold very nicely and keep all my food fresh. They also go by the name Vac-u-Seal. The biggest plus with these containers is that they have a huge container that holds a large head of lettuce and everything else that goes with my salad. So there's no need to store salad items in million different containers! You press down on the lid, and it releases all the air inside. Then by folding the handles at the side down it locks the lid in place.

These are the Fresh Vac containers

I own a whole set of these Fresh Vac Containers which work great!

Overall, Always Fresh Containers may have too many negative points against them to warrant running out and buying them. In my opinion, there are so many other things you can do to keep food fresh then buy these containers. For other As Seen on TV household product reviews have a look at that link.

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1 lisa December 22, 2009

Wow, I’ve never heard about vac o seal. They look pretty cool and the design is pretty modern, and giving you the ability to not only keep food fresh, but store it in style – I just may have to get some for myself – Thanks for the introduction to the vac-o-seals!!!

2 October June 12, 2010

I bought these at CVS for $10, tho, wish I would have seen this earlier, I lost some stuff….

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