Bacon Wave Cooks Bacon Thoroughly But How’s the Taste?

by Theresa on May 16, 2009 · 2 comments

Bacon Wave has got a new's now the Bacon Magic Wave. Oooh Ahhhh!  It looks like there's a whole slew of these bacon cooking gadgets on the market. A lot of them look and sound kind of ridiculous. There's the Makin’ Bacon, the Bacon Tray and the Wow Bacon Microwave Cooker. Of course, the biggest hassle cooking up bacon is the grease splatter and the messy pan cleanup plus the bacon sometimes doesn't get uniformly cooked. Here's a side by side comparison of bacon cooked on the stove top versus the microwave with the Bacon Wave.

Bacon Wave cooks up bacon in the microwave

Bacon Wave cooks up bacon in the microwave

Bacon Wave Claims

No mess
Dishwasher safe
Faster, healthier and crispier bacon that tastes great
Cooks bacon with less fat, less calories, and less cholesterol
Normally takes 14 pieces of bacon but you can stack it and cook up to 28 pieces at once
It includes a cooking guide


  • Evenly cooked and perfectly formed bacon.
  • Easy to drain the grease and pour it into a container.
  • Quite easy to clean. Just place in hot soapy water to soak and then put it into dishwasher.
  • The grease drops to the bottom of the Bacon Wave so it is healthier not having to cook the bacon in it's own grease.
  • The bacon is always cooked perfectly although you may need to alter the time that you cook it depending on your microwave.
  • No need to monitor the cooking of your bacon.


  • The bacon is not as tasty as the pan fried stuff.
  • You might need to adjust the cooking times and position of the bacon for it to work well.
  • A normal sized cut of bacon is too long for the Bacon Wave and you need to wrap part of the ends around which end up sticking together as they cook.
  • A few people have reported that Bacon Wave melted in their microwave! I'm not sure why it's happening to some people and not others.
  • You might find that  it takes only a few minutes more to cook up your bacon in the pan...the old fashion way.
  • Update - Wow this isn't good. I just saw a review at WZZM13 News where it melted the plastic in the microwave and they followed the instructions to a "T".  I guess not all microwaves cook at the same strength but I wouldn't chance it. The video starts out with the Egg Genie and finishes with the Bacon Wave.

Bacon Wave seems convenient enough but eating melted plastic with my bacon? No thanks I'll pass! For all you bacon lovers I have found the ULTIMATE guide for anything you've ever wanted to know about bacon. It's the Ultimate Bacon Reference. Very funny and informative as well plus here's a Nuwave Oven review!

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1 Meredith G June 2, 2009

I just love reading these reviews. It’s better than any comedy I’ve seen in awhile. I thought the commercials were a kick. Yours are a dbl kick. Anyway, I was reading about the taste of the bacon on the stove vs microwave. Of course it’s better on the stove. It cooks in it’s own grease! Isn’t that why we eat the stuff? My husband & I limit ourselves to a lb of it once every 2 to 3 months. Usually make BLT’s and one way or another the whole lb is gone. Only the grease is left behind to remind us. Ok, now I have to go shopping for bacon, tomatoes & lettuce. Thank goodness I already have bread, otherwise the checker might guess what we were going to make.

2 Theresa June 4, 2009

Ahh thanks Meredith…I also get some major cravings for bacon. One time I cooked up and ate a whole package in one day! What a little piglet I am!! Oh now you got me thinking about BLTs. Haven’t had one of those in ages!!