EuroSealer Works Great But With One Tiny Catch

by Theresa on September 14, 2009 · 0 comments

The Eurosealer is a kitchen gadget that looks promising enough. If you have hungry kids you know how they love to leave opened bags of food lying around in the cupboard. Well, Euro Sealer also claims you can buy food in bulk and reseal the large bags over and over again. No more worrying about food going stale. Actually there's one little catch that you need to know for this thing to work like it's supposed to.

Euro Sealer Infomercial Claims

Creates an airtight seal to keep food fresh and free of freezer burn. Just place, press and slide the Eurosealer on the top of any bag and the freshness is sealed right in.
Creates a seal so airtight even water won't leak.
Safely pack cosmetics when traveling.
Seals and keeps any type of storage items airtight even if they are in large bags.
Magnetic back keeps it handy on your refrigerator.
It also comes with a bag opener to open sealed bags neatly.
Allows you to store foods in their original bags.

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Eurosealer Instructions

The Eurosealer uses a couple of AA batteries to heat a small element that you slide along the top of the plastic bag, pressing the two sides together to melt and reseal it. The directions tell you to press down on the Eurosealer for about three seconds, letting it heat up before you start to slide.

The biggest misconception about this product is the fault of the [tags]eurosealer[/tags]infomercial. The directions mention to press and move it slowly from end to middle, switch sides and repeat, end to middle. If you seal it this way it really seals well. Also you can slide it right across the top of the bag very slowly and it will seal just fine. The infomercial shows them sealing it straight across without doing this step will only seal the bag strong in certain spots and weak in others.

Positive Points

  • On a foil potato chip bag, a crisp cracker bag and soft plastic didn't matter. It sealed beautifully if you follow the directions.
  • With the Ziploc bag test with water you’re supposed to be able to cut it in half and seal it with the sealer. After a few tries it does actually work like in the infomercial.
  • The magnetic back is a very handy feature so you can store it on your fridge. It's also probably a hazard sitting in the drawer as well.

Negative Points

  • It's not really that safe around kids since the heating element gets really hot.
  • You'll still have to squish the air out of the bag before sealing it. It's not able to actually suck the air out like a vacuum sealer.
  • It's a bit tricky holding the bag and sliding the sealer across at the same time.

Eurosealer gets two thumbs up if used the right way. It does require some patience and time to get it to work for you. It's only $10 otherwise there's nothing wrong with using the good ol twist tie or chip clip. Well it sure is hard to screw up a product like this but I did a review anyways. :) Introducing the Ammaazing Flat Fold Colander.

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