Magic Bullet Blender’s Suprising Test Results

by Theresa on May 2, 2010 · 3 comments

The Magic Bullet Blender's infomercial draws you in with those delicious looking smoothies. Although I like the idea of not having to pull out and clean a large blender every meal, is this an efficient use of our time, blending a drink one by one in the Magic Bullet? Here's a look at what this blender can and can't do.

Magic Bullet review

Infomercial Claims

The personal, versatile, counter-top magician
Works as a blender, a juicer and a food processor

Magic Bullet Blender - Good and Bad Points

Good Points

  • Small size is great for singles who don't want to use a regular blender
  • Easy to clean

Does a reasonably good job of...

  • Whipping foods like eggs.
  • Grinding dry foods such as coffee beans and peppercorns.
  • Blends liquids reasonably well although some say that the consistency is not that great when blending liquids and fruits.

Bad Points

  • Does a poor at chopping vegetables.
  • The blender can overheat if you operate it for more than 1 minute at a time.
  • The durability over the long term is questionable.
  • Complaints about fragile plastic parts that break.
  • You can't get a single replacement part. The company makes you pay for a new base instead.

Test Results of the Magic Bullet Blender

  • Salsa - You have to shake the blender in order for it to blend all the ingredients at the top. Not very appetizing to look at the salsa but it tasted good.
  • Strawberry banana smoothie - Blended ingredients quickly and the smoothies were tasty.
  • Scrambled eggs - The eggs blended except the cheese came out in chunks. They were still tasty.
  • Onion - Pureed instead of chopping or dicing.
  • Block of cheddar - Didn't do well at all. The cheese just bounced off the blades.

The Magic Bullet overall is good if you are looking to blend or juice small portions of food. Don't expect too much from it though. Kirstey our tester thought that it wasn't worth $60. If you're looking for a really heavy duty blender, here's an honest review of the Vita Mix!

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1 Danyale June 28, 2010

I totally disagree half of what you said it wouldn’t do it would I own one and love it I use it for everything and I mean everything!

The skaing it when chopping some things is even in the book and not that much of a hassle because there small cups, as far as people pissy about the constancy of stuff maybe if they didn’t get blend happy they’d not over blend. I have seen alot of people dog this company and what they have but there well worth the $60.00 you pay much more after you get rid of so many appliances to use.

2 carol July 3, 2010

I use the magic bullet for a LOT of things and I agree with Danyale. It does chunky salsa but you only press one or two seconds, pulse, shake pulse. It chops, in small bites onions, veges, but you have to cut things small quarter size or use pearl onions. One. Two. pulse. Shake. One two pulse. Done.
Overblending is the reason for the soup effect.
I love my Bullet. When my dog couldn’t eat even soft dog food, I puree hers and she loves it.
I use it for Fruit smoothies, fraps, fruit and juice sorbets. Everything. im trying to figure out how to make ice cream with it.

3 Mona April 25, 2011

I agree, the magic bullet is quite small and is not adequate to handle family sized mixing. But if you are looking for a blender for personal use, then it’s just right…the price is another matter.
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