Micro Grill Gives a Nice Rubbery, Bland Taste to Microwaved Food

by Theresa on May 12, 2009 · 1 comment

Micro Grill is yet another infomercial product that tries to find another use for your microwave. It's almost like the makers of these "as seen on TV" products haven't moved past their 1975 fascination with the microwave. Right there on the box it says the Micro Grill "transforms your microwave into a turbo-charged grilling machine." "Complete meals in under seven minutes," it says.  We'll see about that! Do we really want to "barbecue" our meat in the microwave all year round? Sounds a little disturbing...

Warning! Do not waste a good steak on the Microgrill!

Warning! Do not waste a good steak on the Microgrill!

Micro Grill Claims

  1. Complete meals in under 7 minutes
  2. Browns and crisps your favorite foods
  3. Cooks frozen foods without defrosting
  4. Great for steaks, salmon, veggies and grilled cheese
  5. Works with any microwave
  6. Non stick grill plates
  7. Domed bottom grill plate drains excess fats and oil
  8. Fast and easy clean up
  9. Adjusts to any food thickness
  10. No cords or plugs
  11. Dishwasher safe
  12. Blocks the microwaves from directly penetrating your food avoiding the bland taste and rubbery texture you get when you cook foods in the microwave.
  13. It can make grilled short ribs in six minutes, halibut in five minutes, and even grilled ballpark style franks in just two minutes.

Micro Grill Test Results

A Steak - The [tags]micro grill[/tags]directions say to preheat the Micro Grill for a few minutes in the microwave. It suggests seasoning the steak with soy sauce.

Results: The steak looks good. It's dark brown around the edges and of course doesn't have the grill lines shown on the box. The taste? It actually tastes like boiled steak and it's rubbery and bland. Ah what a waste!

KDKA News also tested the following...

Grilled Cheese Sandwich - It promises a grilled sandwich in two minutes without oil or butter, but then directions say spray with vegetable oil.
Results: It melted the cheese but the bread wasn't golden brown like the picture on the box.

Chicken Shish Kebob - Results: The chicken was too pale to pass for grilled. The only thing that was good were the green peppers. They looked good and didn’t taste bad.

Frozen Hamburger Patty - After cooking for seven minutes it looks grilled on the outside. They tried having a taste and had to give the burger another 1.5 minutes in the microwave.

Results: In this test it actually tasted okay, but it still didn't have that satisfying [tags]home[/tags]charred flavor. In the video above, Joe almost gags after trying the cooked hamburger patty! He thought both the taste and texture are awful!

Final Verdict

Micro Grill is ok for grilled cheese sandwiches and pillsbury treats but not steak and chicken. It cooks the food but it's definitely not the same as cooking it on a real grill. There's no crispy food or grilled taste. And anything cooked in the microwave actually destroys all the nutrients in your food as well.

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1 Joy December 5, 2011

Wow are you serious? I have this and use it EVERY SINGLE DAY and I LOVE IT.
The steaks are amazing (maybe you bought a lousy cheap steak to begin with?)
And my hamburgers are always fanstastic after 5 minutes (not the 8.5 you claim above)