NuWave Oven Is Convenient but Does the Food Taste Good?

by Theresa on May 13, 2009 · 12 comments

The NuWave Oven is yet another culinary weapon for your dinner-making arsenal. It just wouldn't be right to use our traditional oven, that's just not high tech enough. The infomercial half baked claims suggest that there's a new and better technique. Infrared cooking is supposed to cut your cooking time in half making gourmet meals in just minutes.

This is the Nuwave Oven Pro version

This is the Nuwave Oven Pro version

The NuWave Oven is a countertop oven that claims to combine the power of conduction, convection and infrared cooking. It works much like a convection oven would. It has heating coils on top and a fan to blow around the hot air.


  1. No preheating an oven.
  2. Automatic shut off so you don't burn your food.
  3. Won't heat up your house on a hot day.
  4. It's energy efficient.
  5. Cleans up quickly and easily.
  6. More healthy for you since the grease, oil and drippings are dropped into a tray keeping it away from you main dish.
  7. It does a good job of cooking up all the instant stuff that you can buy in stores like all that frozen food in bags. Such things as french fries, tater tots, hotdogs, hamburgers, meat pies, pizza and frozen veges.


  1. It's width is quite big so its going to take up a lot of countertop space.
  2. The height isn’t that tall so can't fit in a large chicken or turkey.
  3. You have to use the special instructions that come with the oven to check temperature and time. Since the NuWave cooks differently than a traditional oven you won't see the traditional temperature settings.
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NuWave Oven Tests

In another review [tags]nuwave oven[/tags]review, Fox 5 News tried the following in the NuWave Oven Pro.

  • Turkey breast - Turkey breast in the regular oven took 25 minutes longer to cook than the NuWave Oven. The girls did a blind taste test on the turkey from the regular and NuWave oven and they both looked and tasted the same. The turkey was moist and tasty.
  • Fish Fillet - The fish baked in the regular oven and in the NuWave Oven turned out the same and was very tasty.
  • Pumpkin bread - They baked two loaves. One in the regular oven and one in the NuWave. The bread from the NuWave was burned on the top. The loaf from the conventional oven looked a lot better, but it took about 10 minutes longer to bake.

In a separate test another News Channel tested the following...

  • Frozen chicken breast - Tough, rubbery and didn't taste good. It did a great job of cooking the asparagus.
  • Defrosted chicken breast - Edible but tastes like it was cooked in the microwave.
  • Baking chocolate chip cookies - The cookies aren't cooked all the way through.

Still want to pick up a NuWave Oven? You can find them on,, and eBay.

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Nuwave Pro Infrared Oven BLACK 20329 New in Box Nu Wave
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Nuwave Oven PRO Infrared Power Black Digital Brand Ring Pan Kit Cooking 1500 W
Nuwave Oven PRO Infrared Power Black Digital Brand Ring Pan Kit Cooking 1500 W
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NuWave Oven has too many limitations to justify the large price tag. This one’s kind of a mixed review. You may find that adjusting the cooking settings will give you better results. It seems that some NuWave oven users absolutely love it so it can’t all be that bad. Overall, it does certain things well, and other things not so well. At least the instruction book is honest and does point out what it does and doesn't cook well. I find that broiling with a regular little toaster oven does a great job of cooking up meat and other dishes and it sure didn't come with a $120 price tag. It's always that nice crispy taste and you don't have to waste energy hitting up the big oven all the time. I guess I spoiled the plot line on the Micro Grill review with the way the headline was written. Oops..

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1 Rick C February 7, 2010

I’m a new owner of the NuWave Pro oven (w/extender ring kit & pizza server/slicer, cake pan, and extra rack bonus: $137 on sale at Kohls). I’m single so I usually have to cook for myself–which I hate to do so I usually eat fast foods at least 3 times a week, sometimes more often. That’s been expensive including tips . Within 24 hours I’ve used the NuWave 5 times. Once for a frozen filet of salmon with fries (both lightly brushed with olive oil). A frozen pork loin chop with carrots, garlic bulb and onions. Solid frozen chicken legs (3) with sweet potato wedges (added at the last 10 minutes). Egg, cheese, ham omlet (stirred twice in 5 minutes) and toast (!!). And solid frozen hamburgers (2) with fries.
All were cooked quickly and had excellent flavor. I might have cooked the pork loin chop two minutes longer per side to be more tender but it tasted amazing. It was crispy since I brushed it with olive oil. I am impressed with the quality of the cooked food and how well they browned. I HIGHLY recommend it for those persons who don’t always plan their meals or are faced with only frozen food choices (or thawed meats several days past their prime and must be thrown into the trash) so they stop for fast food after work. So far the NuWave Pro oven looks like it’ll really make my life easier and help to keep those fast food bills in check. BTW, the rack gets rather crusty with baked on juices so it might have to be soaked a few minutes to get thoroughly clean. The rest cleans easily with warm soapy water.
By buying meats and veggies in bulk and freezing them, and cooking the frozen foods that are already in my fridge (avoiding the thawing process that might lead to spoilage too) and reducing my fast food purchases (or at least keeping them under control) the NuWave Pro just might pay for itself in one or two months!

2 Harried October 1, 2010

I thank Rock C. for his review. I ordered a NuWave Pro from an infomercial, and spent most of a day watching the DVD, washing the machine, checking to see what was missing from the shipment (two items: recipe cards and Twister promised). Also cooked a roast to compare it with my oven. Result. Good enough cooking. BUT, the 4 inch rack sent to me had had the shiny surface rubbed off on top; the two cooking pans had multiple blotches of enamel paint on the bottom, as if covering rust or some problem; it arrived in a plain cardboard box (not the fancy box covered with pictures that you see in ads); and there was no plastic to remove from the control panel or the top of the machine. So, I thought, perhaps they sent me a refurbished oven instead of the new one I ordered. I called Nu Wave. After I got a good explanation of my invoice, I brought up the possibility that I had received a rebuilt one, instead of new. Dead silence. Dead silence. For several minutes, dead silence… and then the phone call was disconnected by NuWave. Obviously I was right. I do recommend this product … but buy it from a store, where you can check it out right in the store, or return it without having to pay over $54 to get it shipped to you and then additional money to return a defective, possibly dangerously toxic one. Buy it at a store only, is my advice.

3 Harried October 1, 2010

Iwill moderate after I have been able to return item and get an actual refund of some small amount.

4 Star Brooks October 17, 2010

I bought the Nuwave after seeing the infomercials for years and swearing that when I get the funds I am buying one. So when after a 3 year battle I got awarded SSI I did just that and there hasn’t been one regret yet. If the cookies aren’t done take a spatula and turn them over. It takes minimal effort and darn are they good! I am going to try to bake bread too. I know that the heat source is in the top so I am going to cover the tall rack with foil and put the bread below the foil until it is almost done. My husband is losing tons of weight from the sudden lack of fat. We both enjoy bacon now that we don’t fry it in it’s own fat… my husband never cared much for chicken, nor did my neighbor until we got the NuWave. Now we air fry! I still use the microwave for quick pasta, but 45 minute baked potatoes are the bomb in the NuWave. We live in a motorhome and had disabled the propane oven so other than a toaster oven baked stuff was a no. Now I have even made a cake. Anyone who thinks it tastes like microwave needs a physical! We did have one problem at first with the power head and they replaced it within a week. We bought the pizza kit, use our twister blenders a whole lot, and pizzas are extremely good and we make our own pizzas using Ragu sauce and pita bread and assorted cheeses. I now have reason to buy pepperoni! I would not want to live without a NuWave ever again… best purchase I ever made without question. If you have problems call customer service. Don’t listen to half-hearted reviews from paid reviewers because I really think that they do not know what they are talking about! I am disabled, had a stroke in 2007 and this has cut my chloresterol and I love my veggies in this oven! Even Hot Pockets are good in it. There is no drawback. If I want the added taste, I will drop a slice of bacon on or over my meat. Liver and onions are terrific in it.

5 Thomas Palmer November 22, 2010

We’ve had our Nuwave for about 2 weeks and we love it. We baked a loaf of bread in our oven using the 1-inch rack and the top of the bread did brown and cook faster so we covered it with foil and that worked fine. What we realized afterwards is that we could have added the extender ring thus moving the heating element further away from the bread and this would have prevented the top from browning too quickly.

6 elijah g November 25, 2010

I have a nuwave oven but heating light is dead, what do i do to get it working again.

7 Theresa December 2, 2010

Elijah, I would try calling their customer service line at 1 (888) 689-2831. They’re open M-F 8am to 6pm CST and the office is in Illinois. :)

8 givejonadollar December 25, 2010

I’ve been wanting to try the Nu-Wave out so this is a neat website for reading reviews. However, I had to search for this actual post, and it would be a lot easier if you actually linked to each review directly off the “reviews” page. Either way, nice website!
givejonadollar´s last blog post ..Judge Napolitanos History of Liberty Video Series

9 Jacob January 7, 2011

I have owned this for about 3 days. Right away I was stunned by the shift in texture and quality between the nuwave and a microwave. My first test? Two items that traditionally suck in a microwave but end up getting cooked in there anyway – corn dogs and mozzarella sticks.

In a microwave, mozzarella sticks become soggy and sometime curdle, even from frozen they must be watched carefully or they will explode. From the nuwave I was shocked to find they were molten, had a nice crispy surface and excellent flavor and texture.

Corn dogs were the real shocker for me – I had gotten so used to exploded cells that the texture of the franks were solid, dense and flavorful. The outsides were crispy with the expected soft cornbread layer in the middle.

Next I tried their instructions for a roast bone-in chicken breast – the piece I picked was lightly freezer burned from deepfreeze – not great in the oven but completely unusable in the microwave as the moisture deprivation on the extremities meant either a medium power bout with longer periods or some other strategy.

In the nuwave, 13 minutes a side starting with the bottom was juicy and crisp, a little oil dressed the burn and if anything, it was just a tad rare for my tastes. Another couple of minutes doesn’t hurt though – the convection takes a while to get going but once it does it is important to watch carefully to avoid the over-browning situation when you cook on high.

It is pretty amazing to see the fat fall off of meat though without leaving it dry. In terms of flavor, after broil chicken and even just 30 seconds in the microwave and back again – yikes, the flavor really does change and not in a good way. It’s better to throw it back in the nuwave for 3-4 minutes than the micro for 1 minute.

The complication of having the heating element on the top is valid, but I plan on experimenting with foil and other forms of shielding (I’m thinking perhaps a disassembled metal strainer or skimmer?) would prevent browning too early on items that you can’t flip.

I think for kitchen tinkerers getting to know this device is a lot of fun.

10 Theresa January 8, 2011

Jacob, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your results….I’m thinking though, why not use the regular oven instead of the NuWave oven? A blind taste test between food cooked in the Nuwave Oven Pro and a regular oven would help me decide if I’d really need another new appliance on my counter top. :)

11 JAG April 18, 2011

The NuWave oven depends greatly on the cook. If you don’t know how to cook in the first place, then the NuWave won’t be a great investment. But, for the cook that knows how to season their food and cook, then it’s a great small kitchen appliance. My husband is a great cook and when he seasons the meat (frozen even), it tastes absolutely fabulous. It’s as good as the Ron Popeil Rotisserie, but again you need to be a cook for the food to come out great tasting. Don’t expect any small appliance to work miracles if you don’t have the slightest idea what you are doing. They all take practice.

12 Myrna February 1, 2012

It was a great post! I was amaze by this NuWave oven. :) I think its more attractive to those people who love to cook. I’ll recommend this to my friend who is very good in cooking. Anyways, thank you for posting!
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