NuWave Twister A Magic Bullet Look Alike

by Theresa on June 2, 2010 · 4 comments

Nuwave Twister at first glance seems to be identical to the Magic Bullet. Since when did Nuwave make the move from convection ovens to food processors? It's yet another in a long line of space saving blenders for the home.  Since there's no point in having it save space but not blend, mix and grate properly, Linda Schneider thought she'd give it a whirl.


The big draw with these all-in-one blenders and food processors, is that you can make small quantities of desserts, baby food dips and soups without dirtying too many dishes and making a mess of the kitchen.

Nuwave Twister reviewThe instructions for the NuWave Twister mention that you simply blend until smooth. Well it didn't really work out that way. Linda found chunks of ice in her smoothie. Not just small ones but huge ice cubes that she had to pick out of her smoothie, which, whether you're serving to guests or yourself  that aren't going to go down well at all - literally. The second test was a mango salsa in which she attempted to chop the mangoes. Still no luck since the mangoes came out in large chunks. The food ended up just being pushed around in the container and stuck there. So much for the time saving, easy to clean up kitchen gadget.

NuWave Twister doesn't work as advertised.  If you call it a chopper and a blender it should do a much better job. The motor is not powerful enough to do either blending or chopping. I think this company should stick to making NuWave Ovens instead. The Magic Bullet on the other hand is not perfect, it's more expensive but better than the Nuwave Twister. You can read the review at the link above.

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1 Tammy September 15, 2010

I have had the nuwave twister for over 3 years and have made an estimated 1200 smoothies in it before the cup broke, not the motor. I want to buy a new one and saw this website. I was really surprised when I saw the bad review. Obviously the person making the smoothie has NO idea what they are doing! First I have never put ICE in one EVER! That is just dumb. You use frozen fruit. Second I tried to use another brand and after about 15 smoothies I burned the motor up! My friend bought a magic bullet and took it back. The bullet was WAAY overpriced and just not as powerful. So I am happily on my way to Target to get another one! :)

2 Joseph Condron November 18, 2010

If you want to get something good. You need to get what restaurants use. But they are very, very expensive. I believe that some are so powerful they can even make hot soup!

3 Joseph Condron November 18, 2010

I should add that with a €300 ($400) price tag they aren’t cheap!
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4 Jennifer December 13, 2012

I bought a NuWave oven and got conned into all the “free extras” they charge you outrageous shipping prices of $19.99 and $29.99 for the “free” items. So the Twister isn’t “free” at all. Since its all shipped in one box, the added shipping is ridiculous. Now, I got the Twister and just tried to make a simple milkshake with ice cream, frozen banana puree (from my real blender) milk and a bit of raw sugar (adds a yummy molasses flavor) I can do this in any of my other cheap blenders/mixers just fine. For starters to turn the things on you have to push down so hard it hurts your arms, the instructions say both to blend for 20 seconds max and NEVER run it for more than 5 seconds at a time. About the time it take you just to turn the darn thing on. So I struggled to pulse several times…no mixing.. I shake it up ..check to make sure the “lid” with blade is on right.. and all told it took about a dozen pulses with removing and shaking it up. Next thing I know I smell something horrible and smoke is pouring out of the base! I unplugged it and thank god it didn’t catch on fire. This was my second attempt. The first was better.. I thought “Oh well, at least I can drink my shake” OMG it tasted bitter, horrible and just a sip made me sick! I haven’t tried the oven yet, the blender it came with it almost identical to the cheaper Ninja drink mixer and though it does work well (even better than the Ninja) the pitcher is very thin cheap plastic and I have smelled the same smell using I expect that will eventually catch fire too. And nothing I used in either one would be difficult to blend like ice cubes, were talking about liquids here, ice cream, slushy drinks etc etc. Save yourself the nightmare of burning your house down and say NO to the extras and go buy the real deal (Ninja, Magic Bullet etc) or for that matter just a good blender!!