Does The Perfect Brownie Pan Work Just Like in the Infomercial?

by Theresa on September 19, 2009 · 15 comments

Perfect Brownie Pan is been touted as a brand new product but it looks like they've just renamed the Slice Solutions Brownie Pan. They may be testing different marketing methods by rebranding and renaming it. Well the infomercial definitely got me drooling of those ooey gooey brownies. Darn it I hate it when they do that...If you love to bake from scratch and you make those sticky squares like rice crispy treats, bar cookies etc than this is a really neat baking pan for keeping those treats perfectly square and easy to pull out of the pan.

Look at that! Brownie perfection...

Look at that! Brownie perfection...

Perfect Brownie Pan Infomercial Claims

  • Bakes each piece separately so they are flakey and crispy on the outside, but rich and gooey on the inside.
  • The non-stick divider is so slippery not even yummy marshmallow treats will stick.
  • The non-stick way to bake, slice and serve your favorite treat.
  • It's not just for brownies but any square baked in a pan.
  • Bonus- Recipe guide for a variety of treats and 10 decorative stencils.

The Perfect Brownie Pan is really easy to use. Simply coat the brownie pan and dividers, pour in the batter. Then slide in the [tags]perfect-brownie-pan[/tags]dividers to separate the batter and make sure it clicks into place and into the oven they go. After baking place pan on the cooling rack and just drop down the sides of the pan. The bottom will stays put on the rack to cool.


  • No need to line your pans with foil to prevent sticking.
  • Squares do come out very easily and perfectly square. The divider cuts them all the way through so no more struggling to get single pieces of brownie out of the pan.
  • The removable tray bottom also acts as and serving tray so you can literally bake, slice and serve.
  • From a baker's standpoint, being able to pop the squares right out a pan is a good thing since they tend to continue to cook in the pan when you take them out of the oven.


  • The instructions say that even though it's a non-stick surface, you still need to really give a good coating of cooking spray on the brownie pan and dividers before using.
  • It costs $30 if you buy it online if you include the shipping and handling. You can actually purchase it at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20. It may also be under the name Slice Solutions Brownie Pan.
  • One lady mentioned that she found a small amount of batter leaking out the bottom of the pan since it’s since it's removable. Her suggestion was to put the Brownie Pan on a cookie sheet while baking. I'm thinking that this may effect how the brownies cook..but just beware it might leak.
  • Don't use the recipes that come with the pan since a few ladies have reported that they're terrible!

Looking for a really good brownie recipe?  The Bliss Tree blog offers the best brownie recipe ever!  Want some recipes for a variety of squares? I really love Choose only the recipes with both high ratings and high number of ratings. The only thing is I'm not sure how different they'll cook with this specific pan.

The pan is available at $20 plus $9 s&h. Its also available on eBay and Amazon for less.

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Ok who else is obsessed with brownies? Here's some more baking tips!
YouTube Preview Image
The Perfect Brownie Pan aka Slice Solutions Brownie pan gets two sticky thumbs way up for giving us an easier and neater way to dig into those squares. And now for another kitchen gadget review, the Eurosealer!

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1 rebecca r November 4, 2009

we wanted to know what phone number please let us. thank you rebecca

2 Theresa November 5, 2009

Rebecca I checked a few video sites but can’t seem to find the number anywhere. They don’t even have it on the Perfect Brownie site! That’s kind of weird…maybe the numbers different depending on the area you are in. Hopefully you can catch the infomercial again.

3 Theresa November 10, 2009

Bernadette just emailed me and mentioned that she used the Perfect Brownie Pan but found her brownies a little undercooked. Sometimes brownies are a little tricky…

I know it’s sometimes hard to get them cooked just right. With brownies, try not to depend too much on cooking time. Ovens vary, and with brownies,the knife test is really important.

Also I know recipes say a certain time but cooking time varies at what altitude you live at. I know this from experience from baking at home in Calgary then baking with the same recipe at my Aunt’s place in British Columbia. It was literally about 10-15 minutes difference in baking time!

4 David November 16, 2009

Yes baking times will vary and will depend on altitude and the oven of course. This should always be considered for anything you cook. If you live in Denver it may cook a little different than if you live in Michigan.

5 Olivia January 14, 2010

I recently received the Perfect Brownie pan as a Christmas present. Tonight, I made the “Cherry Snack Cakes” as featured in their recipe book that comes with the pan. I followed the directions to the T, however my snack cakes came out ridiculously buttery and disgusting. (The frosting however, was delicious!) I ended up being able to salvage them by cutting off the lower half.

I couldn’t find an email OR phone number on their website, or anywhere really. It’s very disappointing to me that something so “perfect” would have such a terrible recipe. Bad customer service.

6 Theresa January 14, 2010

Ahhh what a shame! That’s too bad about that recipe. Ok, I do see a number there now on the Perfect Brownie Pan site. A couple months back they didn’t even have that there. It’s 1-800-664-2590 which I called but it looks like all their concerned about is delivery of your order. :( Looks like their more concerned with getting their infomercial wording to rhyme rather than paying attention to important details like half decent recipes! Here’s another example, some ladies who bought the Giant Cupcake Pan have received the product with no instructions! What’s going on??

7 Ginger January 15, 2010

If you want to talk to a PERSON call 1-877-883-9082. You won’t get any help with recipes for this odd sized pan. The recipes in the book are terrible. You may be able to make a deal for a 9×13 Perfect Brownie pan in trade for the little one. They suggested I go online to find recipes.

8 Desiree January 28, 2010

I have tried placing the pan on a cookie sheet and it still leaks so you have to place foil in the pan anyway.The only up side is it makes 18 equally sized pieces which is perfect for my daughter and her preschool class’ snacks,They love to get special treats.I bought mine at Wal-mart for $19.98
If ypu don’t bake alot and want something bigger than like 1 1/2 inch this pan is not for you,the sliced pieces are varily small.

9 classykassy February 15, 2010

I just use a muffin pan to bake my brownies in.
Come out perfectly – moist but with crusty edge all around. Hubby loves em – it was his idea.

10 Theresa February 16, 2010

Heyyy good thinkin! Now how come I never thought of that? :)

11 PJ April 7, 2010

Bed Bath and Beyond frequently has 20% off coupons. Kohl’s also sells the pan and frequently has 15% or even 30% off coupons if you have an account there.
A friend reported that the brownie recipe in the booklet was the best she’s ever had, so you might want to try the recipes and judge for yourself.

12 JC August 1, 2010

Do as I did, wait a little while then find them in abundance at yard sales. I got mine for $1 complete and iut looked unused ! Worked great when I used it for Rice Krispie treats. Well worth my dollar. This is how I’ve gotten all of my overpriced infomercial products. Not all for just $1, but way, way less than advertised. Many are even still new in the box. People just have to have them , then don’t use them when they get them thus they end up at yard and garage sales.

13 Debbie August 31, 2010

I bought the perfect brownie pan at menadrs for 5.00 dollars but it didn’t come with the recipe guide so i was wondering how can i get that would love to make more then just brownies with it

14 Marilyn November 15, 2010

I got one as a gift and think it’s great!

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