See the Rotato Express Potato Peeler In Action!

by Theresa on January 11, 2011 · 2 comments

Electric potato peelerRotato Express is an electric potato peeler which promises to save you from the time consuming mess of peeling fruits and vegetables. Not to mention the nicks, scrapes and cuts associated with using a manual peeler. Sound interesting but skeptical? You may be wondering what the downsides are....

How Rotato Express Works

  • Secure the food on the bottom spokes, lower the upper arm and rest the cutter arm on top of the food. Press a button and a few seconds later the peel is gone. You can run it on batteries or by plugging it in an outlet.
  • It comes in either white or black but for some reason the company doesn't allow you a choice of colors.
  • Comes with an extra two blades and a thumb knife which you can keep stored inside the base.

The Test

Marcy is a mom of two and doesn't care too much for messy and time consuming chores like peeling potatoes. So she goes to work peeling up several fruits and veges with the Rotato Express.

First try peeling - Pototo falls off
Second time peeling - Blade comes off the arm
Third time - It actually works and she's on a roll peeling a potato, an apple, a lemon, a kiwi and a turnip

Other Consumer Concerns

  • The most common complaint was of the blade holder not holding the blade and some have it pop off and fly across the room while in use. Quite dangerous!
  • Smaller fruits and vegetables will have too much peeled away. In these cases its best to use a hand peeler.
  • If your fruits and veges are more ripe than it makes a big mess and peels away too much.
  • The instructions don't show a clear illustration of how to put the blade on once it's popped off.

The Rotato Express overall does save you time if you can get the blade to stay.  You'll need to have patience to get this peeler going. Now onto our next kitchen gadget review all about Micro Smores.

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1 Ellie Kenon July 31, 2011

Why does this woman have so much trouble with the hand peeler? it reminded me of the episode of friends where Joey could not open the milk LOL.

I often peal potatoes and it takes me seconds to do, how is this a time saver she seems to need to push the machine down

2 Barry Wheeler September 11, 2011

This is a great device! I’m not sure it will be overly time saving. My wife makes me peel all our potatoes! :)