Slap Chop Put to the Test in This Video Review

by Theresa on April 3, 2009 · 27 comments

Vince and the Slap Chop

Slap Chop introduced by our old pal Vince, brings us his newest innovation. I have to admit that Vince really had me at the tuna and veges part of the infomercial. I REALLY wanted to pick up the phone and order this kitchen gadget.... You see, it’s perfect for anyone preparing single meals like myself. Be amazed as you watch Jack Scalfani test out the Slap Chop and see if it really does what it claims to do.

What is Slap Chop?

The Slap Chop is a manual chopping machine. You slap the plunger and three blades cut and chop your food.  Your food gets finer the more you slap the plunger. The Slap Chop's base also opens up. This exposes the blades for easy cleaning.

Slap Chop Features

Dice, chop, and mince in seconds!
With every slap the finer the food gets!
You never need to switch blades
Chop up vegetables, nuts, and fruits quickly and easily
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

You can use it for the following....
Potatoes for home fries
Nuts and chocolate for recipes and ice cream toppings.
Onions and garlic can be chopped without getting your fingers all smelly.
Veges for a salad such as...
Green peppers

Slap Chop Video Reviews

Heartland News did a really great review on Slap Chop. Please read Eric and Chicette's comments at the bottom of this post. It seems the quality of the Slap Chop is pretty bad. I've heard of food not chopping well even with the tricks that Jack Scalfani uses.

Jack Scalfani tested the Slap Chop with the following:

Celery - Jack learns how to smack that Slap Chop just right in order to break the skin of the celery. On the first chop it gets stuck in the blade. The next few chops did a great job of dicing celery the way he likes it.

Garlic - He takes one garlic clove to chop. He breaks the skin in a couple of chops. He then takes the skin off and effectively chops it into really small pieces.

Tomato – He first cuts it in half with a knife. When he put the soft side of the tomato up and it doesn’t work. It just smashes it up into a big mess. You have to turn the round side up in order to dice it up properly.

Nuts – Jack chops the hell out of them and produces beautiful, finely chopped nuts for his stuffing.

Onion – He first cuts the onion in half with a knife. He chops it really hard a few times and takes the skin off. It didn’t really dice it properly and he found pieces of onion every where. You may need to take the skin off first and cut it in smaller pieces before you Slap Chop it.

Graty Cheese Grater - This is your free bonus. Fit cheese in, press and rotate. Shreds the cheese really well. It's the same amount of effort as a cheese grater.

Slap Chop Review

Slap Chop Review

A nice thing about the [tags]slap chop[/tags]cover that fits over the bottom, is that when you have really small pieces of food, garlic or nuts it keeps it all together and chops it efficiently. It also saves your home cutting board from getting messy as well.

I have to show a recent Consumer Reports review as well.

Everyone’s making fun of poor Vince because of his latest brush with the law. I'm thinking it’s actually a marketing gimmick to sell more Slap Chops. You can read about it here at The Smoking Gun. Poor Vince looks pretty sad and beat up.

Slap Chop looks it's got some quality control problems and some angry consumers. There have been parts breaking and I've even heard of the blades rusting not too long after buying the product!

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1 Bunsuffer June 27, 2009

Oh, for God’s sake, you are giving yourself away as a shallow, useless fool by calling this Vince character your “buddy”. He is a lying flack and con-artist — anyone who brough his Sham-Wow knows it was a complete scam. No doubt this product is equally useless. There is no point in reading your waste-of-space “review” on it.


P.S. The hooker that almost bit Sham-Boy’s lying tongue off was, no doubt, a buyer of Sham-Wow who decided that it was too good an opportunity to pass up. She did us no favours by ALMOST biting his tongue off — she should have either bitten harder or bitten lower. Those nails-grtaing-on-a-blackboard voices are s0 much funnier in the falsetto.

got shammed all right

2 Theresa June 28, 2009

Bunsuffer, you should consider going in for anger management. Your pretty funny though…Come on don’t take life so seriously!! :-) And besides, if I had to buy every single As Seen on TV product myself, I’d go broke!

3 Erick September 14, 2009

I bought the same thing from Pampered Chef 10 years ago. This is not “new”. It’s way too small and way too flimsy for the price. The PC stuff I bought still is a common device in my kitchen, it’s that durable.

4 Ladymay October 28, 2009

Watch out for these crooks I just got an email saying they forgot to charge me TAX..Hello 5 months later…They charged me $20.90 for shipping and $19.95 for the piece of junk slap chopper which is not worth the 2 for one they are charging now. Good thing I have canceled that old
CC, someone was using it for online gaming. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was them. So beware more charges are coming

5 Theresa October 31, 2009

Thanks Eric and May for your input. Is it at where you placed your order? Yeah, now I’m not so sure about the quality of the Slap Chop. There are complaints about the quality of the parts. If you like you can pick one up at Walmart and probably Bed Bath and Beyond as well. Just make sure they have it in stock before you head over there. If you have any problems with it just return it for a full refund. I believe you have 60 days at all Walmart stores.

6 Chic-ette Chartres November 9, 2009

I hate it, and the Graty is even worse. Its not easy to use, either one! The slap chop chops small ammounts of food at once so it takes forever and I don’t know if the blade is dull or what but it does not go through tomato skins. I tried to chop already cut up slices of tomatos and it just exploded the tomato all over my kitchen making a huge mess. It doesn’t come apart easily and I always feel like I am going to break it trying to open it up to clean it. All the food I try to chop gets stuck in the blades and it doesn’t rotate the food like it shows, it just chops the food in the same way over and over again and I have to stop after every chop to clear the food out of the blades so I can keep chopping. The Graty I have to get my husband to do for me cuz you need mustle to push the cheese into the blades (dull blades) and its just a bad construction. The blades are held on by a little metal clip that bent the first time I used it. Its much faster to grate with a hand grater and chop with a knife and cutting board. Sorry guys, you missed big time!

7 hi five28 November 15, 2009

I also ordered the slap chop in Oct/09 -& was charged the shipping.
What surprised me was that the Slap Chop company put through Another Charge of $5.00 to my Visa Account in Nov/09 .
I did not authorize any further charges except for the original slap chop order.
I emailed ronny at as per the web site complaints instructions.
I have heard nothing from their company. I contacted my Visa and after some complaining myself, they are reversing the charge of $5.00. It is scary that a merchant can re-charge your visa with consent, just because they have your number on file. Makes you wonder how much Money is involved if they re-charge $5.00 to all the clients that placed an order from them. A lot of customers would not wonder about a $5.00 charge. In my eye there is an underlining fraud involved. CUSTOMER BEWARE

8 Theresa November 15, 2009

Sorry to hear that! I agree that is scary. Thanks for the warning…

9 cindy November 19, 2009


10 Theresa November 21, 2009

Ahhh there must be an occasional bad batch of product rolling off the assembly line. It’s too bad, but that seems to be a common theme among certain infomercial products.

11 Marilyn January 17, 2010

I also bought a slap chop and its a piece of crap! We bought it from one of those guys that shows up at offices with duffle bags of them… I bought one and one of the guys I work with bought one. We both agree, its completely useless! I would like to return mine but where?.. It DOESN”T work and neither does the graty. After mushing up my onions which I had to throw out, I went to wash the “chopper” and that sent onion mush flying everywhere. This should be discontinued! If anybody knows where I could ship it back to or somewhere that I could take it to throw it at someone who sells this crap, let me know!… I love kitchen gadgets and have bought some that were not so good but the slap chop beats out all the crap! I wouldn’t buy it for $1.00 nor would I accept one for free….. Who can I write?… It ticked me off!

Heres the best helpful tip ever about the Slap Chop…

12 Theresa January 17, 2010

Hi Marilyn, I’m so sorry to hear about that! Thanks for letting us know… I’m wondering if your Slap Chop had any contact number on the instruction sheet inside the box? There should be a manufacturers guarantee or it.

If there wasn’t could it be possible(God forbid) that your product was a knock off? I know you didn’t buy it from the main Slap Chop site but see what they have to say.

Slap Chop Customer Service

You can also post your Slap Chop Complaints here at the Complaints Board

It looks like there’s a knock off going around which is made more cheaply and doesn’t chop as well. I worry about product that comes directly from China. (No offense to Chinese people).

13 Theresa January 21, 2010

Here’s Marlyn’s response to my comment.

“It isn’t a knock off… and here’s the thing, it didn’t have instructions!..

For instance, I cut up an onion (but honestly, if I have to cut things up into small cubes, wouldn’t one just go ahead and just chop the onion all together)… ok but I did cut it up, put it in the chopper and it turned the onion into a mush…. not chopped like in the slap chop commercial…..

I’ve now spoke to about 20 people who also say their experience with the slap chopper was not a positive one and they had a hard time returning them… I had another friend bring hers over so I could compare because I actually did think it might have been a knock off but it was exactly the same, same box, same markings….
Its just not a good item and i’m one of these gadget people! My kitchen is stock full of every kitchen gadget possible!… but this slap chop, it really should be recalled in my opinion…

THanks for your time!.. If I can return it to anywhere please let me know. Its not the money, its the principle.”

14 Sara January 22, 2010

I bought the slap chopper at target. So I wasn’t charged for shipping.

The dang thing crushes well, but it does not chop or dice well. Also, the quantity of food it can handle is too small. I had to use a knife to quarter the vegetables, anyway. So, the chopper was not quick.

I brought mine back to target for a refund.

If enough people bring theirs back, this item will likely be discontinued.

It does not work well and it does not save time.

15 Screwed January 25, 2010

Interesting what Ladymay (oct 28, 2009) has to report. VISA risk dept notified me shortly after I received my Slap Chop that someone had comprimised my card and VISA therefore cancelled and re-issued another. I was surprised to see that I was charged $85.00 on my visa for the 19.95 slap chop plus shipping and handling. Slap chop complaint dept say that I can return it (at my cost) for a credit of 19.95. I have never heard of a shipping and handling charge of $65.00. Where did it come from…China or the moon? My question to Slap Chop is this: is there any upper limit to what you can legally charge (screw) people for shipping and handling? If not, why didn’t you think big and charge thousands more for shipping and handling?

16 Theresa January 25, 2010

Oh my God! What the hell is going on here? At least you have a good sense of humor but I bet you won’t be buying anymore infomercial products anytime soon! Good to hear the credit card company got you a new card right away. It’s better to use a cc instead of a debit card since it’s harder to get your money back with the debit card. Here’s a video about a lady with a billing problem with her debit card.

17 David Spector February 12, 2010

I’ve been doing an experiment while watching TV. Everytime I see an advertisement or infomercial, I look up the product or company name along with the word “complaints”, doing a Web search. So far, every single item I have looked up, whether a kitchen gadget, insurance company, or whatever, is a scam. That means that they sometimes charge extra money (thousands of dollars extra in the cases of walk-in safety bathtubs or scooters for mobility for elderly or disabled people, not respond when you try to return or cancel a product or service, and other deceptive practices. The laws are not strong enough to protect consumers, and the Attorneys General of the several States have too great a workload to convict more than about 1% of such scammers. Some scammers stay in business for several years before getting in trouble, and then they either pay the small fine or close and open the same business with a new name.

Another party at fault is the public school system. It fails to educate children about such scams, and fails to teach critical thinking. Knowing that you’re being conned is an important ability in the world of today and tomorrow.

You can find verification for the claims I’ve made here by doing Web searches.

TV watchers beware! Almost all small companies who advertise are scammers.

18 Theresa February 14, 2010

Dave, Thanks for speaking out about this. I agree the laws need to be more strict. Some, (but I can’t say all) infomercials are either blatantly misrepresenting their products, charging way to much for shipping or have some sort of billing problems.

19 Jon May 2, 2010

When I bought my slap chop it did well, but after two weeks, the blades just rotate in the same place, making it impossible to dice food. Has this happend to you?

20 thikanabd May 17, 2010

I just bought mine from Target yesterday and right after I got it home I tried with onion. It works fine. I don’t care about tomatoes. All I wanted was something that will chop onions, carrots and garlic for me as I hate cutting these with knife. And so far I’m happy with. Besides, the ad shows you how to cut the tomatoes which is facing down.

But I have the receipt from Target in hand in case anything goes wrong.

21 Del May 26, 2010

This is almost the worst product ever made. Even the “Pet Rock” did what it was purported to do. Maybe vince needs to beat-up a new hooker. See this

22 Joysey September 19, 2010

Thank God I only paid $5.00 for it at the market. I used it once and it was just crap. Didn’t even bother washing it, just through it straight in the garbage. What a joke, the OXO one is small but at least it works….

23 Gene Sonnier January 22, 2011

We just got a Slap Chop and when we opened the box there were no instructions or manual inside. We did get the Recipe Guide. However, the box also had on it that we could get a bonus to get the main-in order for GRATY. See inside for detials. There were such details. What can we do to get the manual and the instructios for the bonus GRATY.

Thanks for your help,
Gene S

24 Theresa January 24, 2011

It’s really inconvenient isn’t it? I know that others online are mentioning that they’re not getting the instructions as well. Can you try calling the customer service number at this link? Sometimes I can locate the actual instructions posted online but in this case, I couldn’t seem to find them.

25 LaVerne Spainhour February 15, 2011

Slap Chop sucks–I want my money back. Video a joke good job in getting peoples money for a really bad product.

26 dee May 26, 2011

I have returned my Slap Chop and paid for the mailing costs plus enclosed a cheque to cover return costs. It has been now over 2 months and not a single sign of where it has gone. I had also enclosed the sharp piece that had broken off and a letter to state that this was a possible choking hazzard. I am starting to feel like this is a lost item and a lost to everyone that ever owned one. Don’t but one because they are of poor quality.

27 scooters for mobility November 29, 2011

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