See How Regular Grass Seed Compares To Patch Perfect

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Patch Perfect is supposed to be grass seed on steroids. Can you really just set it and forget it? After seeing both "Seed in a Blanket" and "Flowers in a Blanket" fail, I thought this grass seed is going to be a dud too. Garden Guru, Doug Oster agrees to do a side by side comparison with the Patch Perfect grass seed and regular grass seed.

Let's see if Patch Perfect really works

Let's see if Patch Perfect really works

Patch Perfect Claims

  • "It grows like grass seed on steroids... It grows anywhere. Just spread it and forget it."
  • It grows on bare spots, high traffic areas and shady areas.
  • Neutralizes pet urine and Patch Perfect will grow there too.
  • Grows in both extreme heat and cold.
  • It even grows on top of concrete without dirt or mulch.
  • Cover one hundred square feet.
  • Patch Perfect seed contains Kentucky bluegrass, rye and fescue.
  • The blue covering on the grass seed has a fertilizer coating which soaks up and retains water.
  • Costs $20 plus $9 shipping and handling

Patch Perfect Directions

Remove debris and dead grass from the area.
Rake the area turning over 1 to 2 inches.
Spread the [tags]patch perfect[/tags]seed.
Water and keep Patch Perfect moist for two weeks.

Doug’s Method for Planting Regular Grass Seed

He uses a grass seed specially formulated for Pennsylvania. He uses the same seed mixture as Patch Perfect for comparison purposes.
He digs his soil twice as deep as the Patch Perfect method - around three to four inches.
He improves the clay soil by mixing in an organic soil.
Doug spreads the seed mix and works it down into the soil one more time.
He then wets the seed down.
Covers the entire area with straw to keep the area wet and wets it down again.

Patch Perfect works but it's expensive

Patch Perfect works but it's expensive

The Results

  1. Patch Perfect is much easier to plant than the regular grass seed but it still takes some work to prepare the area for the seed.
  2. After 12 days Patch Perfect really did produce rich green grass.
  3. The grass in the pet spot wasn't as impressive. It was quite sparse but it is growing there.
  4. Not one blade grew on the concrete.
  5. Doug's regular grass grew well and it's a bit thicker than Patch Perfect but not as pretty a color of green.
  6. The biggest complaint from anyone trying Patch Perfect is that it never even came close to covering one hundred square feet.

33lb Combination Patch Perfect Revolutionary Seed Grass Repair Pet Urine Spots
33lb Combination Patch Perfect Revolutionary Seed Grass Repair Pet Urine Spots
Time Remaining: 19d 9h 22m
Buy It Now for only: $24.99

Patch Perfect is probably for any of you who are looking for the convenience of having less work planting a small area of grass.  If you have a big area to plant...forget it! It would cost a fortune. Some lawn care experts also mention that a cheaper alternative that works just as well is to buy a bag of rye grass seed at your local nursery. Now, for all of you planting tomatoes this year, here are five tomato planting and gardening videos for you!

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