Does Roll n Grow Impress Flower Gardeners?

by Theresa on March 19, 2009 · 2 comments

Roll n Grow is another one of those pre-seeded mats with irresistible infomercials that promise luscious, beautiful, aromatic flowers. It comes all rolled up in a biodegradable fiber mat. You can also cut it to shape your flower pots and window boxes.  Sounds like a pretty neat idea...until you see the actual results! By the way, the pictures are here are not the actual Roll n Grow results.

Does Roll n Grow work? Find out in this review

Roll n Grow Claims

Fun and easy, just roll out and water
Better seed germination
100% biodegradable
Takes the hassle out of gardening
Suppresses weeds
Retains moisture
Creates a beautiful garden
Cut the mat in half and get 20ft of edging
Contains over 1,000 premium flower seeds and can be cut to fit any area
Sells for $19.95 plus $8 shipping and handling

Roll and Grow user results

Flower Seeds That Are Supposed to Be Included
Baby's Breath
Scarlet Flax
Crimson Clover

Rake top soil area and lay down the mat in a sunny location.
The strips are ten feet long but can be cut to any shape you need.
Lay the green fiber side down and fabric side up.
After placing mat, saturate it with water.
Water twice daily seeds sprout.

Actual Results

  • The mat is really ugly looking.
  • Roll and Grow is not so greatSome weeds come up instead of flowers.
  • If you order it online it’s very slow delivery even with rush shipping.
  • One test revealed that after 30 days only a handful of seedlings sprouted out of 1000 seeds.
  • Other growers reported that it took about 3 to 4 months to bloom.
  • Flowers don't look anything like on the infomercial.
  • Since the flowers come in so sparse you can still see the original roll and grow mat, even after the flowers have bloomed.
  • Even under ideal conditions and following the instructions the product results have been disappointing.
  • I saw one review where one lady cut the fabric to fit in a pot by the house. The flowers actually did come up after 2 months. The flowers were only white, not the assortment of colorful flowers promised in the infomercial.

Roll n Grow is just one big frustration.. Can you imagine spending your spring and summer looking at that ugly [tags]roll-n-grow[/tags]mat, spending time watering and using up all your valuable growing space?  There is another garden item that does work pretty good although you can make a Topsy Turvy tomato planter yourself and save some bucks.

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1 yves June 9, 2010

just one comment this product is garbage…

2 KeishaG February 25, 2011

What a waste of money. The flowers did not bloom at all, but we did see a couple of little sprouts. The mat fell apart during the watering process and after 4-5 months, all we have growing are weeds.