“Cheers to You” – The Most Ineffective Motivational CD in the World

by Theresa on March 1, 2010 · 1 comment

The "Cheers to You" Motivational CD series claims to have been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show not once, but twice! Now that could either be a good or bad thing because we know how much Ellen loves to mock infomercial products. The only way it'll pick your mood up is by laughing at the samples of cheesy soundtracks.

Just doing a quick comparison of the top scientifically-proven audio technology program in the world (Holosync) vs "Cheers to You".

The Holosync site reads like a 30 page sales letter with detailed explanations of the scientific studies and personal success stories. Insights into you can effortlessly change your brain wave patterns to achieve deep and meaningful change in your life. "Meditate deeper than a Zen Monk" explains Jack Canfield from The Secret.

What explanation do you get from "Cheers to You"? Hmmm I think they left out certain things like...does this actually even work?? How much science actually went into these cds? Apparently they figured that just saying that your "great and wonderful" along with background noise of a screaming crowd will change your mood for the better.

And what does the Good Cheer Company site have to say to convince you that they truly do work?

Imagine 30,000 people cheering!
Appreciation… Encouragement… Acknowledgement… And Praise For You!
CDs with adoring words with cheering applause!

Motivational soundtracks with words like....

Hoooray for youuuuu! and Cheeeers to youuuuu! You are great! you are wonderful!
I am good enough, I am smart enough, and dog gone it people like me!!

And most important several test clips of their cheesy announcer guy sound tracks.

And that's not all! When you order your cd now, you get three bonus puzzle pieces with inspiring words of encouragement. Soooo what exactly do you do with them? I had to check out their site to make sure. They say you can can be made into bracelets, necklaces, attach them to key rings or carry them in your pocket. Not sure how you'd string these things together in the first place but I don't see them as being something I'd want to wear in public.

What next, a motivational puzzle pieces for your pet? Well of course! They've got you covered there with their own line of pet tags with inscriptions like.... "a good girl, adorable, a good kisser??? and mommies little angle". And now here's another  revolutionary new product called the Infomercial Stopper helps you get rid of those late night infomercials for good!

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1 Andrew Wilson September 25, 2010

This product changed my life. I used to be a complete tool and totally jealous of my awesome badass cousin. However upon hearing the epic tracks contained in this litany of revelations I felt a deep stirring in ny soul. This product cured my cancer, trained my dog, and taught me how to love a woman and scold a child. 4 out of 5 stars