A Look at Two Ridiculously Awesome Infomercial Products

by Theresa on May 18, 2009 · 0 comments

Here are two ridiculously stupid infomercial products I've been storing in my "You've got to be kidding me" file for quite some time. IN-TRO-DUCING the amaaazing Pedi Pistol and Closer Look Makeup Glasses.

Pedi Pistol

You might mistaken the Pedi Pistol for either a carpentry tool or something you'd buy at the adult store. The makers of Pedi Pistol assume ladies are going to have easier time with a motorized pedicure tool that has three foot long handle. It makes filing, buffing and smoothing your toenails a breeze. Yeah right...

Ahhhhh my aching back! Help Pedi Pistol!

Did you know that bending over can be tough on your back? The Pedi Pistol infomercial boasts that this tool enables you to get a perfect pedicure even if you can't reach your feet.

Help I'm pregnant and need my Pedi Pistol!

Help I'm pregnant and need my Pedi Pistol!

A more practical alternative would be to head down to a local nail salon and treat yourself to a pedicure. I think that would be waaaay more relaxing. That's got to be the most inefficient way to remove tough skin with that tiny little filer. Sheesh!

YouTube Preview Image

These practical questions aside, I find myself simultaneously repulsed and drawn in by the Pedi Pistol commercial. The ragged toenails, the ugly calluses and ripped skin being sanded off the heel. It's so gross!!!!  And take a look at the perfect french pedicure. Why is that lady even doing her nails when her feet are already perfectly done?

If you thought that product was dumb, I just couldn’t believe this one.

Closer Look

Weird infomercial products - Closer Look

Weird infomercial products - Closer Look

Apply your makeup perfectly every time with the Closer Look make up glasses. Now how did they actually get this item to sell? Are they SERIOUS?! Most people who can't see clearly without glasses or contacts just use a lighted magnifying mirror. Oh but who needs a mirror when you have these AMAZING Closer Look eye glasses for applying makeup?!! But wait...the revolutionary lens flips from side to side! Isn't that AH-MAZING! They try to seal the deal with an irresistible offer. They've added two free [tags]stupid-infomercial[/tags]bonuses... The Closer Look tweezers and lighted compact mirror. What an incredible deal! How could anyone resist?

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