Blendy Pens Has One Slick Commercial – Do Those Pens Really Work?

by Theresa on December 10, 2008 · 1 comment

Blendy Pens unique selling point is the fact that they intrigue kids with a big splashy box and flashy commercials. I do appreciate that toy companies do a great job of coming up with unique toys for kids. Here is my review of the Blendy Pens El Grande Activity Kit. Wow what an impressive name!

Blendy Pen Claims and Instructions

  • Creates 276 color blends.
  • Kids can choose two Blendy Pens colors and put the tips facing each other into the Color Fuser Chamber.
  • While holding the pens vertically, just twist them in opposite directions in the color chamber for 5 seconds.
  • Now you get a unique color blend with the top pen donating color to the bottom pen.
  • The color fusion is more intense the longer you fuse 2 colors,
  • You can now fuse this color with a third to create another color combination.
  • The color combinations are endless.
  • It’s a high quality marker pen that can color like a regular marker.
  • The kit includes 20 posters. 24 pens, 10 stencils and 12 color chambers.
  • Suitable for ages 6+

Blendy Pens Kit

How Blendy Pens Actually Work

  • With these markers you are supposed to insert two markers into a plastic tube, twist the markers, then remove the pen you want to color with. In most reviews I read, there didn’t seem to be much blending of colors. All that really happened was that the darker color would transfer onto the tip of the lighter color. Then when the kids would go to color but the only color that would transfer onto the paper was the darker color. In the commercials, two colors usually come off the marker at the same time with a blending between the two. This doesn't seem to happen.
  • Others parents thought they were just ok. They don't seem as special as they are made out to be.
  • The majority of kids who tried these pens ended up just using them like normal pens.  They didn’t even bothering to do the whole twist and blend thing.
  • The [tags]blendy pens[/tags]company claims that the markers are washable. In reality they are no more washable than a permanent marker.  One lady mentioned that her daughter got some pen on her skin. Then she tried to remove it with alcohol, nail polish remover, soap and peroxide and still couldn't get it off her skin.
  • Most parents agreed that it’s better to spend your money on a larger set of plain markers.
Blendy Pens are available in stores

Blendy Pens are available in stores

Possible reasons why the pens might not work

In all fairness, I do see a few fair to good reviews. I also wonder if the kids actually followed the directions precisely. Twist the pens in opposite directions for five seconds while holding them vertically.

I’m also wondering if there are just certain batches of pens that are bad or older than others.

Important Point - Update

I just went over to the As Seen on TV site and watched the Blendy Pens infomercial video again. I just realized something. The one girl in the infomercial uses her stencil and swipes the pen over it. It shows the blended color only lasts for a moment but it creates a really neat effect. So I'm kind of lead to believe that these pens were never meant to stay blended for long. The pens can still be used as they are and create very neat art work!  Here's the infomercial if you want to take a look for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image

Blendy Pens dissapointed the vast majority of parents and some kids. I'm thinking that they assumed the pens would stay blended but they don't. The pens aren't meant to stay blended for long as you see in the infomercial above. So as long as you know this before you buy them you'll know what to expect and you'll have no big dissapointments. :-)

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1 stickynote July 22, 2009

I got these for christmas last year, but i got a pack with half of what your pack includes…..
they really do work but i had put the black pen over the purple pen and then put them away, and then i was going to color a few days later, and i grabbed the purple pen but it was all black!!! so i scribbled on three pieces of notebook paper, and then it was purple again. so when you put them away, make sure that ALL the light colors are on top!!