Is Floam a Disaster Waiting to Happen?

by Theresa on November 19, 2008 · 11 comments

What is Floam? It reminds me of Play-Doh because kids can use it for sculpting shapes and objects. It can also be used to add decorative touches to existing items such as picture frames, magnets, boxes, windows and mirrors. The cool thing about Floam is that each package comes with different colored microbeads. This allows your child to mix Floam together or make items into art forms for different artistic effects.

The consistency of it is like a combination  of glue and slime. MMM sounds good! Once your kids are done playing with it they have two choices. They can either leave their [tags]floam[/tags]creation in place and let it dry to a hard surface. If they don’t want the object to dry, they can return Floam to its container to use another day.  Floam claims that it is made to be used over and over again.

Look at the nice art work that you can make with floam!!

Look at the nice art work that you can make with floam!!

Oooh Darn! Look at the sticky mess!

Oooh Darn! Look at the sticky mess!

Floam - Good Points
I’m really trying to find some positive comments but I have not found any positive feedback from parents or their kids.

Floam - Bad Points

  1. Most consumers thought the TV ad was great but couldn’t figure out how to make the items they saw on the commercial.
  2. Microbeads stick to anything they touch and may be difficult to clean up. It may be better to wait for the product to dry overnight before trying to clean it up.
  3. The colors in the microbeads are not colorfast and you may have scrub a while to get the color out of anything the product touches.
  4. The Floam site claims that it is water soluble yet I’ve read comments that the color of the Floam only faded from stained clothes and did not fully come out.
  5. Texture and smell of the product are bad to work with.
  6. Not finger friendly.
  7. Dries too quickly.
  8. For kids - not fun and very frustrating.
  9. Product is hard when you get it out of the container.
  10. Really sticky and sticks to a lot of things you don’t want it to stick to including your hands.
  11. It stains stuff pretty easily.
  12. Most consumers found it quite expensive even when the product was on sale.

Floam really does look like a lot of fun and the floam website looks like its fun and interactive for kids.   I honestly couldn’t find one single positive comment from a consumer. Maybe the creators of Floam will come up with another brilliant concrete in a tube!

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1 cale March 30, 2009

floamj is sticky and sucks

2 cale April 1, 2009

floam is not easy too moald and i like pie

3 Mama January 22, 2010

The doctor just found floam in my 8 year old’s ear! She’s now headed to the ENT to remove the rest. The doctor said this was probably causing hearing loss for at least a year.

4 Theresa January 25, 2010

Oh that’s awful. I’m so sorry to hear that!! So many unknown dangers where kids try to put things in their ears and mouth. There’s another toy out there called Pixos where little kids think the little beads are candy and eat them!

5 Jessica June 12, 2010

Ok false information! (ok im sorry about the floam in the ear thing but weren’t you watching your child?) Anywho, floam is not ick, sticky, or hard to handle! In the photo above, that is not floam! Ok it is but it is mixed with water, which is making it look like a terrible product that it’s not. Floam is very fun and is not hard when you take it out of the container. And floam never dries up, okay? It does get harder than usual, but if you rub it around in your hands it will soften off. Please don’t think floam is a bad product because it really is not. Believe me! Floam is fun and easy to handle!!!!!!!

6 Nancy June 16, 2010

Could you please tell me for which age group floam is appropriate for? Seeing as I found LOTS of it in my 18 month child’s bowel movement last night. I was shocked mostly because I didn’t know what it was. After speaking to the teachers at the daycare, I found out it was used in one of their sensory play activities. Thankfully the coordinator was willing to remove it from the classroom for this age group. I did feel better to hear that it’s non-toxic and harmless if ingested.

7 Theresa June 21, 2010

OMG that’s awful! That’s the first thing kids want to do is put everything in their mouths. I wanted to double check on the age for use but the main site is gone! That’s not a good sign.

8 Michele July 29, 2010

To Jessica,

Bought floam and guess what hard as a rock out of the package. 2 sets of it! So go be a cheerleader for another product because you are wrong.

9 lindsay marie February 3, 2012

My kids LOVE their floam! They play with it for quite a while, and there is never a mess, except sometimes a few lose littles balls. We never put ours back in the container, we just leave it out, and it has yet to dry out. We are very happy with it!

10 Carol February 20, 2012

Hey, Jessica, the picture above is EXACTLY what it looked like when we opened and played with our four containers of this junk. It took almost an hour to clean it off of the kids’ hands, our hands, our clothes, the dining room table, the floor (the boys panicked when it wouldn’t come off their hands and they shook like dogs to get it off.) And the staining? Don’t even get me started!
This is the worst product we’ve ever tried. I’ve found many more bad reviews for the product than good reviews. Stick with Playdough. It’s a time-tested product that does everything it claims to do.

11 Mary April 24, 2012

I agree with most of the other posts….floam is terrible!!!!! Sticky and very messy….nothing like the commercial!!!!