Bath Time Fun With the Bath Blizzard!

by Theresa on December 21, 2008 · 2 comments

The Bath Blizzard is basically a bubble maker for your tub.  What will they think of next?  Here's another great little invention I saw on TV for kids.  You just hang it on the faucet or tap and it blows out a continuous, cascading stream of bubbles. A little bottle of bubble bath is also included. It takes a couple of minutes for the bubbles to start coming. They'll start to  cascade down into the tub as opposed to flying through the air.

Bath Time Fun with Bath Blizzard!

Bath Time Fun with Bath Blizzard!


  • Good for kids with sensitive skin because the bubble solution is hypo-allergenic.
  • The bubble solution, when diluted properly, lasts a really long time.
  • The toy runs for quite a while before the bubble soap solution actually runs out.
  • Kids are now actually excited about taking a bath.
  • It’s inexpensive entertainment for kids.


  • Requires 4 C batteries which aren’t included.
  • The amount of bubbles that are generated from this device was less than impressive. They aren't anything at all like the box or the infomercial.  The main reason for a lack of bubbles is because it doesn’t have all the nasty chemicals that other bubble bath has. Unfortunately some key chemicals provide the really good bubbles.
  • For a lot of parents the biggest drawback is the strap you use to hang the Bath Blizzard. If you don’t have the right bathtub spout or faucet it doesn’t hang properly. Also if you have nothing at the end of the spout to stop the strap from falling off it kind of slides off the end. Although it seems to work fine if you can just set it on the side of the tub.
  • The container of bubble solution is pretty small. You can dilute it with water to make it go a long way.
  • Some kids were complaining about the bubbles not being real. It's because their the light bubbles you would blow out of a bubble wand.  They are not big, white frothy ones kids are used to. And also, the minute the bubbles hit the water they dissolve.
Bath Blizzard Malfunction!
Bath Blizzard Malfunction - Don't try this at home!

Bath Blizzard Handy Hints

  • It can be bought at Target and Walmart.
  • Some Bath Blizzards do come with suction cups. That might be good if the strap doesn't work on your tub.
  • Use good quality batteries.
  • One lady mentioned that to get the [tags]bath blizzard[/tags]unit to work better, she made sure to wet the yellow circle on front. Then she loosened the cap to let more air in.
  • If you run out of Bath Blizzard Bubble Solution, the bubble maker is compatible with most generic, bubble bath solutions such as Mr Bubbles.
  • One parent mentioned that it's a good idea to dry out the mat before storing it, otherwise it will start  to mould.

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To Summarize
Bath Blizzard has mixed reviews but overall once parents fiddled a bit with bath blizzard and got it going it was a blast for their kids. It's simple bath time fun! Just add water and the fun never ends. That is if you get the thing going. It’s great for kids that are still young enough to be  mesmerized by bubbles of any kind.  Looking for a review of the new Pixos toy?  Seems like it's in high demand this Christmas.

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1 Matthew Shell Bassett July 21, 2009

where do I get one of that?

2 franchiseguy01 December 17, 2010

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