How Effective is the Amazing Handheld Electric Bug Zapper

by Theresa on March 27, 2010 · 2 comments

The Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper brings the combat sport of bug zapping to a whole new level. Unlike a traditional bug zapper you don't have to wait for the bugs to be attracted to a light source. Instead you can go on the attack with an electric bug zapper shaped like a tennis racquet. So is this an effective way to keep the bugs away or just an amusing novelty toy?

Does the electric bug zapper work?

The infomercial claims that it kills flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes and gnats on contact.  It's basically a small plastic raquet with metal wires that deliver a 500 volt shock when turned on.  In order to turn it on you need to press two buttons on the side of the racket that in turn lights a small red LED light.  It's powered with two AA batteries that are included in the package.


  • More sanitary than keeping a dirty fly swatter around the house.
  • Makes a satisfying "crack" when stunning a fly.


  • Many consumers are complaining that the raquet broke or fell apart and that it's cheaply made. So you can't actually swat the fly, otherwise the raquet will fall apart.
  • Challenging to swat flies in the air. It takes extremely good hand/eye co-ordination.
  • It only stuns flies instead of outright killing them.
  • In order to activate it you have to push the two buttons simultaneously which complicates the act of killing the bugs in the first place.
  • Young kids would think it's a toy and may figure out how to turn the racquet on and shock themselves with it. Very dangerous!

The Amazing Handheld Electric Bug Zapper isn't so amazing after all. It looks like it's more of a novelty toy used more for entertainment value. Yes it can kill bugs but not effectively and you can't expect this product to last.  By the way, here's another popular infomercial is the Eagle Eye Sunglasses. Here's a review I did the other day.

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1 Stephen July 23, 2010

Thanks for the review! It is a lot of fun though.

2 Bill Brikiatis March 22, 2011

I’m wondering if you think this would work for fungus gnats, the small flies that hang around your indoor plants. It seems that the gnats would be way to small and would pass through the racquet unharmed.
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