How Do Eagle Eye Sunglasses Compare to Regular Sunglasses?

by Theresa on March 22, 2010 · 1 comment

The Eagle Eyes Sunglasses have a whole lot of technology behind them. It sure sounds impressive enough. So what in the world is "TriLenium Gold Lens Technology"? And are they really so much better in comparison to regular sunglasses? Here's also one important point you need to know if you're considering picking up a pair of these shades.Infomercial ClaimsIt's different from other sunglasses is that it prevents glare and damage to your eyesight. It lets in the good light and blocks the harmful blue, violet and ultraviolet rays.

Polarized sunglasses by Eagle Eye

What are Others Saying About Eagle Eye Sunglasses?


  • The ones on the infomercial are the "aviator style." Although the company also sells a wide variety of different styles for men, women, kids. Also clip-ons, readers and  sports sunglasses.
  • The nose pads won't slip and are adjustable to fit your face.
  • You can't overextend the spring hinges.
  • Comfortable to wear and well constructed.
  • Scratch, shock and impact resistant.
  • They do a nice job of providing a clear view yet still effectively blocking the glare and any bounce back reflection.
  • You can wear them for night driving and they aren't too dark. It greatly reduces eye strain when you have bright lights from oncoming traffic.
  • They brighten your surroundings instead a darkening them but without the glare.


  • Unlike most sunglasses your view will have a prominent yellow tint.
  • If you have sensitive eyes the brightness of the light coming through is a bit more than regular sunglasses and may bother you.
  • Big negative - Don't expect these to be normal sunglasses. The colors you see through the lenses aren't accurate. You may have problems seeing the color of traffic lights under certain light conditions. You have to be careful since can't distinguish greens from blues.

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Eagle Eye Sunglasses is an infomercial product that lives up to the infomercial hype. You just can't go wrong with something that's made with NASA technology.They're also certified by the Space Foundation for UV and blue light protection. They were already an established company before the infomercial anyway. They only downside is in discerning the color of the street lights, which may be a danger while driving.  With spring just around the corner you might be interested in more outdoor items. I thought I'd do a review on the not so amazing Water Jet.

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1 Alison @ Femita February 5, 2011

Saw these eagle glasses on TV once and always wondered if they were as good as promised. Thanks for the review :)
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