Fish Pen is Convenient but Not the Highest Quality

by Theresa on July 25, 2009 · 0 comments

The Fish Pen from Colman is for those avid fisherman who might need a rod for those unexpected fishing opportunities. The infomercial brags about the fact that it fits conveniently anywhere, your glove box, back pack, briefcase, back pocket since portability is the main selling point here. The makers claim that it transforms from an oversized pen to an light weight rod.

The Fish Pen definitely won't reel in a stripped bass like this one!

The Fish Pen definitely can't handle this stripped bass!

By the way, the Fish Pen actually isn't a pen with ink...the pen is merely the case for the rod. So how easy is it to cast and what happens when you actually do catch a fish with it? Carl's opinion will definitely help you figure out if the $20 Fish Pen belongs in your tackle box or glove box for that matter.

The Deluxe Fish Pen Features

  • Casts 50 feet
  • [tags]fish pen[/tags]Pole extends over 3 feet.
  • Plastic reel housing with solid brass reel
  • Push button line release
  • Includes - Rod, reel with line, tackle kit. 3 hooks, bobber, 3 weights, practice casting weight.

Below, Carl strings the line through, attaches the reel, hooks the line,adds some worms and tests out the Fish Pen.

Issues with the Fish Pen

  • The rod doesn't have any drag and continuously snaps the line when you get a bite.
  • Although the makers claim that the pole is strong enough to pull in fish around 2lb it doesn't live up to that claim. In the video they were trying catch a fish under 2lbs and the line AND pole snapped.
  • Some reports that the pole won't retract completely into the pen case.
  • The pen has a slick grip instead of a cork handle.

The Fish Pen isn't designed to last and obviously it's only fair to expect it to catch small fish because of it's size. The problems might outweigh the benefits of portability on this product. Just make sure you keep the receipt... They are available in stores...there are also other brands of mini fishing rods out there that might be better quality.

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