Rocket Fishing Rod for Kids – Just Pump, Launch and Reel

by Theresa on July 26, 2009 · 1 comment

Rocket Fishing Rod now makes fishing hip among the younger kids. This isn't your average rod and reel. It's a rod that more like a toy gun. You fire it by pumping the rod and then pulling the trigger. A capsule then flies out of the rod up to 30 feet. When it hit’s the water it opens, the bait sinks and the float bobs up and down as normal. All kids need to do is reel in the big one. Well let's see if little Trey enjoys his first time fishing with the Rocket Fishing Rod!

Two types of Rocket Fishing Rods

Two types of Rocket Fishing Rods

The basics of fishing still apply. You still need a pocket knife to cut the line. It does come with three green worms and three sinkers.


  • Safer and easier for kids to cast the line out.
  • Kids love the action of the capsule shooting out of the gun.


  • In this [tags]rocket-fishing-rod[/tags]video review the rod works. Although Heartland News did a test with a side by side comparison of a regular rod and reel vs. the Rocket Fishing Rod. The kids with the real fishing rods were catching fish while the poor kid with the Rocket Fishing Rod had problems with it's safety mechanism. It actually kept the kid from catching fish because the yellow bobber didn't open to drop the hook. They even changed lures and bait and had the adults try fishing with it to no avail even after an hour and a half with the rocket.
  • Many parents who bought either one of these rods are having many problems with it breaking or not working as they are supposed to and calling it a joke. Not a good sign!  There are too many problems to mention here.
  • In my own personal experiences using a fishing rod I could never imagine using a big yellow bobber on the end of my line and expect to catch a fish. This must scare fish away in droves, unless you are fishing in murky water.

The Rocket Fishing Rod seems to be more of a toy than a fishing rod. I believe that they It's may be better to invest your money in a better quality rod. It is available at Canadian Tire and Walmart. If you've seen any of those infomercials on the Fish Pen, here's a review for that as well!

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1 ben savage June 14, 2010

hello im a professinal fisherman and i really dont believe that these work so i want to tryone out and see wat the fuss is all about