Water Jet Put to the Test Outdoors

by Theresa on March 20, 2010 · 0 comments

Water Jet seems to be a nice alternative to buying a bulky high pressure washer. This time of of year were all itching to get outside to clean off our grungy patio, sidewalks and siding. Although you're probably wondering how well Water Jet works with regular household chores. Here's a summary of the things that it can and can't do.

Water Jet review

The Water Jet is a hose attachment and comes with two nozzles. One for a more high pressure stream and the other for a lighter fan spray. Below, Lauren puts the Water Jet through a series of tests to see if all those infomercial claims are true. By the way, if you cant see the video, please click on the blog headline above.


  • Good for someone who has no room to store a  pressure washer.
  • There's a valve that allows you to control the water flow plus 2 different tips for different jobs.
  • With the "jet tip" it cuts right through the dirt on a sidewalk or patio. Although in a side by side comparison, a high pressure hose takes off more dirt and of course is much more effective.
  • Also good for anyone who wants more powerful than a standard nozzle but less than a standard pressure washer.
  • It's handy that there's a place on the water jet nozzle to attach the end you're not using so you don't lose it.
  • Water stream is able to reach a second story window as the infomercial claims. Also the length of the nozzle is nice when your trying to get into high areas.
  • Seems to work ok if you want to wash away dirt in between cracks and concrete and walk ways. Although the water stream is narrow and takes longer to clean than a pressure washer.
  • The fan attachment produces a fine mist which is nice to use when watering the outdoor plants.


  • It's performance really depends on the water pressure of your home.
  • The fan attachment only produces a fine mist. It won't clean a vehicle really well and only takes off the top layer of dirt.
  • Neither attachment was able to blast away mold on either siding, concrete or wood.
  • The fan attachment is supposed to clean vehicles. The water stream is too light for car, truck, boat, campers or dirty wheels and rims. It only takes off a top layer of dirt.

Water Jet seems to perform slightly better than a regular nozzle for those outdoor chores. Although I was disappointed that again, an infomercial product doesn't live up to what it claims to do.

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