Emery Cat Board Review – The Real Truth

by Theresa on February 21, 2010 · 16 comments

The Emery Cat Board is creating a lot of buzz around the internet...mostly from internet marketers trying to make a buck from promoting this product. I'm sure you've seen the infomercials of cats having a blast scratching their nails on the honeycomb board and playing with the attached dangling toy.

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So you can see in the video review that the Emery Cat is easy to assemble and these cats seem to like to play with it when there's catnip on it. It may depend on your cat if they will actually take to it or not.

  • The problem is that over time the scratch pad is like a honeycomb cardboard with some sort of coating on it. The coating actually comes off over time and your cat will eat it if you put the catnip on the board.
  • The tray is cheap plastic and tips over when cat's play with it.
  • Some cat owners are having a hard time getting their cats to use it.
  • Consumers are saying that the Emery Cat website is very confusing. It doesn't give you a chance to review your order before submitting it.
  • Consumers are enraged that they are being overcharged with shipping and handling.
  • Customer service at the Emery Cat site is terrible if you want to go back and fix your order.

Being a cat lover myself, I just feel like crying when I saw  this pet owners comment....

we bought this product to help our cats maintain their own nails as they scratch. they loved it but then our older cat got his nails STUCK in the hard crevices and holes needless to say they cats only option was to draw his claws back and he paid for it. he bleed all over and now half of all his nails are missing and there is a huge gash on the soft spots of his feet. i do not think the emery cat is a great idea for anyone. please rethink your decision before purchasing one and let your friends know if they are thinking its a wonderful gift for their pets. IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOUR CAT

Emery Cat Board not all it's cracked up to be

Emery Cat Board not all it's cracked up to be


I want you to be aware of what is really going on around the internet that you may not be aware of. This really makes me sick to my stomach. This may be a shocker for some of you but Emery Board offers people a payment if you blog about them but only if you say something positive about them. I PERSONALLY DO NOT GET PAID TO WRITE THIS BLOG POST because I can't stand the thought of sending someone to an offer for a  product that does not work as advertised. Plus the website doesn't take orders or bill properly. You can see when you go to the Emery Cat site and look at the bottom of the page there is a link get paid to blog about them.

Do you see how this person has written a nice little article about the Emery board and how consumers are reacting and commenting on the article? Please see this link and see the largest and most prominent article site on the internet Ezine Articles.
Consumer Complaints - Emery Cat Board

Here are many real consumer problems and issues ordering from the site.
Consumer Affairs Emery Cat

Here are REAL CAT OWNERS NOT INTERNET MARKETERS talking about the Emery Cat Board in this forum.
Real consumers forum

The Emery Cat is written about all over the internet because internet marketers are making money by referring you to the products. They either make a commission off of every sale they make or in this case get paid to blog and say something positive about their product. Of course this is not the only As Seen on TV product that does this. I have been online for many years and have taken many courses and I see what others are doing. Dishonest marketers have infiltrated the internet....They're on Facebook, Twitter, write articles, they post on forums, they set up squidoo lenses, Hub Pages set up countless sites and blogs etc etc. I'm just trying to be honest with you. I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with others who do an unbiased honest review and then refering someone to the retailers site. In this case I can see that all they are trying to do is make a buck on a [tags]As Seen on TV pet[/tags] product that is not working as advertised. I was going to say other things but I'll try to control my anger right now. RRRRRRR I will just sit here and fume for a while.... Please, pleaaassse leave your comments below if you've had an experience with this Emery Cat Board.

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1 D KRASNESKY August 2, 2010


2 Theresa August 5, 2010

Yeahh that’s the really unfortunate thing…I guess you can’t really force a cat to use it. That’s the companies only suggestion…use catnip.

It’s probably best you’re cat doesn’t use it because it ends up being a big mess. Catnip everywhere and the coating comes off and the cat may eat it and get ill. Many more negative comments here….

3 M. M. Shaw August 27, 2010

I was very concerned after I opened the Emery Cat Board and found that the plastic has a very strong odor of gasoline! My cats hate the smell and even with using the enclosed cat nip, they won’t use the Emery Board. I am thankful they did not get sick from the noxious fumes, but it was a waste of money for the worry of possible poisoning. This product is made in China, which concerns me as products from China have a history of being unsafe.

4 Liz R December 27, 2010

A total waste of money! I have two cats who don’t enjoy sharing, so I purchased two of them, lured by the “get one free” offer on the website. What I didn’t realized until after the order was placed was that the shipping charge for each one was $7.50, so I ended up paying $15.00 just for shipping! Ridiculous. I might have been able to cancel the shipment but decided to go ahead and try it, since my cats dislike having their nails trimmed and the commercial promises such an easy solution. My cats hated the smell of the product, which came in a toxic smelling plastic. I gently encouraged my cats to use them many times over a few weeks, placing them on top of the boards and gently stroking their exposed claws on them, even modeling how they were to be used. I reapplied catnip many times, but my cats simply rolled around in it while completely ignoring the emery feature. One of the cats does, however, enjoy the cheap fluffy toy and routinely pulls it out of the board to drag it around the room. After 3 months of hoping my cats would get used to the boards and just try them out I’ve finally decided to dispose of the eyesores. At this point they’re just a reminder that I threw $35 out the window!

5 Theresa December 29, 2010

Ahhh what a shame so sorry to hear that Liz. I know the infomercial makes them look so appealing but when you get it, you realize that it’s just a piece of junk!

6 Theresa January 8, 2011

What a waste…sorry to hear that Liz! You’re not the first. We are all lured by the promises of infomercials only to be disappointed later.

7 Cat Games January 18, 2011

My wife bought our cat Charlie one of these emery board scratchers and he will not touch it. He does fine with conventional scratching posts.
Cat Games´s last blog post ..Equestrian Horses for the New Owner

8 Harriet February 8, 2011

My cat uses it a lot but it doesn’t “trim” his claws, just sharpens them.

9 Donna February 16, 2011

I purchased the buy-one, get-one Emery Cat. I was totally dissatisfied with the product, as was my brother, to whom I gave the ‘free’ product. First of all, when opened it, ‘dust’, or particles from the emery board rained everywhere on the carpet. It is made of cheap plastic, and is very rough. I placed the catnip all over the board, to attract the cat, as directed. My long-haired Persian immediately went for the Emery Cat, but instead of even trying to scratch it, she began to run her face all over it (as cats will do with catnip), thereby rubbing off much of her fur. I took it away before her eyes or nose were scratched. She didn’t try to scratch it at all. I tried to keep it away from my second cat, who has no front claws, but attracted by nthe catnip, she did the same thing–rubbed her face all over it. I was afraid she would cut her paws on it, but that was never a problem because she didn’t even attempt to put her feet anywhere near it.
My brother had the same experience with his cat–never once did the cats try to scratch the board. They are attracted by the catnip and rub their faces all over it, then abandon it after the catnip smell wears off. This product is a TOTAL rip-off. I tossed it into the trash after a few days. I would not recommend it to anyone. At least my cats didn’t sustain serious injuries like some reports state.

10 Rob May 8, 2011

Worked well for me and my cat. His claws were getting stuck in all sorts of places because he wasn’t scratching on hard enough surfaces. He ignored the board for about a week and then started to use it. Once he started using it his claws didn’t get stuck in our clothing or carpets anymore. Very sorry to hear that others are not having any luck with this product but it did work for us.

11 garnet June 7, 2011

i have 5 cats and the go to town on 3 emery boards ..love it..great product …

12 Heather June 16, 2011

We purchased one from our local Wal-mart a few months ago. Our 11 year old cat uses it daily and while I don’t think it’s doing a great job filing her nails as the AD claims, it has kept her from clawing at the couch which was a big issue before.
The product IS very cheaply made hard coated cardboard inside cheap plastic and it does make a MESS when the cardboard comes apart everywhere. But that is a pay off I can deal with if it keeps her from clawing my sofa’s.
I was looking online for replacement inserts today that is when I came across all the consumer reports for the EmeryCat website claiming bad customer service and over charging. Now I am terrified to order anything from their site. I wish they had the refills available in local stores along side the orginal product.
I have read many reports on cats becomming ill or hurt and that makes my heart sick, I thank goodness that did not happen to our cat.
With all the reviews I think I will order a more traditional cat post rather than the replacement emery pads.

13 Marie August 13, 2011

Was relieved when I read this article – thought this might be a good idea, but never purchased one. Instead, I thought “why can’t I design something like this for my cats? I got a good sized piece of driftwood, covered it in 60 grit sand paper, and then several layers of burlap. They love it, and it doesn’t fall over and no claws get stuck or ripped out. Only problem is that you have to replace the sandpaper and burlap roughly once a month.

14 Theresa G August 16, 2011

just wanted to say i do love the emery board and my cats do as well. i only had to put a little nip in it and they shred it up. the only negitive i have to say is that it is super messy little cardboard pieces every time they use it end up everywhere. and the main thing i need to add is my cat was only 9 months when we got it and he pulled out the little black rubber stopper thing and swallowed it. it was over 1000. surgery to have it removed. and trying to contact supervisors about the problem seems to be harder then ever. so i must warn people to remove the 4 rubber pieces!!

15 Ed October 2, 2011

DO NOT BUY THIS ONLINE! Their sales practices are deceitful. You do not get to view a subtotal and they don’t tell you what shipping and handling is until they after they confirm your order. They offer you all these extra products; then put a question in small print “How many of this product do you want” with the number set to default to one with a huge button “Yes, Continue” and a tiny little unformatted link for “No Thanks.” The shipping and handling is $15.90 for the buy-one/get-one-free offer. I had to quickly call and cancel my card so they couldn’t charge it. Please do not support these kinds of deceitful marketing practices.

16 Jill Coy April 13, 2012

I had heard about this board through a friend. She claimed that helped so I was anxious to try the product. My cats wake me up every morning at 5:00 am sharpening their nails on my sofa and it upsets me terribly. I was turned off by how unclear the ordering process was. When they ask you how many you would like I was usure whether I should choose 1 and get one free or if I needed to choose 2, again they weren’t clear and because I was talking to a recording it couldn’t be clarified. I was also upset that they didn’t offer a customer receipt. I had no idea what was going to be billed to my credit card. When I called the number for customer service thay couldn’t help me for 4-6 hours. I plan to call in 4-6 hours to cancel my order. Everything about them feels completely sketchy.