Dog Owners Share Their Experience In This Potty Patch Review

by Theresa on February 23, 2010 · 30 comments

The Potty Patch pretty much resembles a plastic boot tray with a golf green on top. Oh so this is suppose to be an indoor doggie Port-a-Potty! Apparently, the infomercial claims that your dog will think that the Potty Patch is your front lawn and do his business on it instead of your carpet. This faux grass potty isn't anything new. There are others already on the market. Like UgoDog, Ingrass Puppy Poppy and the Lil PetZoom Pet Park and many more. Depending on the size the prices can range from from $40 to $150. So what do dog owners think about the Potty Patch?

In the video, Paris the dog won't go outside in the cold so her owner thought she'd give Potty Patch a try.

Dog Owner Issues With the Potty Patch

  • One owner actually got his dog to actually use the Potty Patch but by only the second day the smell was incredibly bad.
  • Potty patch system reviewedYou'll need to wash it every single day thoroughly with warm soap and water but some say it still smells like urine!
  • One lady found her dog laying on it like a new bed instead of a toilet. Her other dog actually tried eating the grass and ended up vomiting all over.
  • Two other ladies found the parts slide around easily.
  • Another pet owner found that after he washed the pad it took too long to dry. Then he discovered that his dogs wouldn't go on the wet grass.
  • The patch has uncomfortably spikey needles and dogs are confused as what to do with it. It looks like grass but obviously doesn't smell the real deal!
  • My only thought is that it would be better if there was some sort of  pheromone to attract doggies to the grass which would actually make them want to use it.

The Potty Patch may work easier if you train your pup to go on it from a young age. If they're already potty trained they probably won't want to go on it.  Hmmmm anyone else have an experience with this product?  By the way, if you're interested I just posted the Emery Cat review yesterday if you want to take a look.

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1 Donna G February 25, 2010

I LOVE the Potty Patch!! When I moved to NYC from Florida, into an apartment with no backyard (not to mention no outdoor space)- my Maltese Benny was too overwhelmed to be taken out on the busy Manhattan Streets at first. The Potty patch saved us, and after a couple weeks of training, he’s now happy to go and doesn’t feel so far away from the outdoors! It’s perfect for training your dog to go indoors in extreme situations (with no odor at all)- and when the time came to start taking Benny out to go- he was much more comfortable and is adjusting to city life wonderfully!

2 Pamcakes February 25, 2010

The Potty Patch is the greatest thing to happen to me and my Bowzer! He’s finally got an alternative to being taken out in crazy blizzards (everyone knows antifreeze and salt are terrible for a puppy’s paws).
When the weather is unsafe for him, he just goes on the potty patch! It took about a week to train him, and voila! no muss, no fuss, and no gross smell!

3 Amanda February 26, 2010

I’ve been meaning to order one of these for my puppy Clover. My sister has one and absolutely loves it. Whenever she’s watching Clover for me, she says he goes right over to the patch to do his business.

4 Rachel April 7, 2010

The potty patch does have a funky smell after a while, and I’ve yet to find something to get it out. BUT, we were having such a hard time with housebreaking our pup, I think he had a hard time deciphering carpet and pee pad, but he knows exactly what the potty patch is and goes straight to it everytime! The first day he was scared of it, but with VERY minimal coaching he was using it in about a day!!! We had been suffering with pee pads for close to a MONTH!! I would DEFINITELY recommend it for puppies.

5 KAthy S June 26, 2010

I purchased the Potty Patch for my four boys who are left alone for 8 to 10 hours a day since I commute to work. IT SMELLS HORRIBLE! It’s also very hard to clean even though they say it’s easy to do so. I can’t get the smell out even though it’s cleaned constantly. I even sprayed Lysol on the plastic which also has the odor. I would not recommend this to anyone!

6 boomin July 1, 2010

We bought this for our chihuahua who we were with us from a house with a yard to the top floor of an apartment without grass. She was already trained to go on the grass. When we first got her to the apartment, she had only a couple of accidents. Id say after 2 days, she had no problem with it. The only problem is the smell. We have it on our porch and even after you clean it, it can still smell like pee pretty strongly. We have had to start wiping her paws with baby wipes after she goes so her paws don’t smell like the patch.

7 Polly August 5, 2010

So how do you empty the tray? I can see myself trying to navigate the path to the bathroom with a boot tray full of pee.

8 Theresa August 5, 2010

Exactly! How inconvenient…. Guess they never thought about that when they designed this thing.

9 Nancy August 25, 2010

My puppy loves it! I agree that the smell is really bad so I removed the fake grass. My dog now do her thing directly on the plastic. Easy to clean and doesn’t smell.

10 Belinda November 2, 2010

I bought the puppy patch. In 2 days I had my new puppy going on it. I wanted a clean place for her to go potty so decided to wash it. Now she wont use it. Im so disappointed in this product. I dont want my apartment to smell so I may decide to use Nancy’s suggestion and take the fake grass out and maybe she will use it that way.

11 AvieMare January 3, 2011

I clicked out of the Potty Patch website before even finalizing my order and got an invoice in my email for almost $100! They charge you before you even know how much you are paying, and before you agree to the amount. THIS IS ILLEGAL! I called my bank, alerted them to a possible fraudulent claim, then called Potty Patch and made sure they canceled the order. DO NOT ORDER this item from the website; go through Ebay if you want to try it and pay with PayPal. It will offer you much more protection.

Regarding the Emory Cat thing, I got one at WalMart for 20 bucks. One cat of mine uses it; the others simply ignore it and use a special chair I gave them in my bedroom. I have four indoor cats, and because they know they have an item to claw at to their hearts’ content, I don’t have a single scratch on my good living room furniture. Buy an old chair from Craigs List…it will cost far less in the long run!

12 MaryAnn January 16, 2011

I bought and recieved the potty patch and my 2 yorkies 2 and 3 years old will not use it. I trained them to a bath mat and they will use it wherever we go if i bring it but would like them to use this as I will not be able to wash it as regularly as I do at home while in our rv. they refuse to use it! is there a spray to attract them to it?

13 Harriet February 8, 2011

This thing stinks! I’ve tried everything when I rinse to get urine smell out and can’t. Dog doesn’t like to use it now that it smells.

14 Krystle February 9, 2011

My puppy is very confused about it and has only used it twice… He also started using it as a bed and is trying to eat it.

15 Tanya Francq March 10, 2011

I am having problems getting my dog to use the patch. He lays on it instead. Anyone have ideas on how to get him to learn its a potty not a bed?

16 Dawn M March 31, 2011

We have had the potty patch since Christmas. Our Yorkie took to it very well from pad training to the potty patch. When I switched her, I used Nature’s Miracle “go here” spray. You only need ONE spray… this stuff stinks! But it works! She took to it right away. We use the potty patch pads as well. It helps with the clean up so the pee does not spill when you go to clean the bottom tiers. My only complaint is that now she doesn’t like to use it as much because of the smell. I have cleaned it with warm soapy water, disinfectant cleaners, lysol. You name it. It still REAKS! I love the idea, but unless you can clean the smell off the grass, there is no point. I’d rather use pads. Not to mention they charge too much $ for replacement grass. It’s more than I paid for my original unit at Bed,Bath & Beyond. I’m about to try dog litter, but she doesn’t seem too crazy about it. We’ll see. Also read on an online site that suggested cleaning carpet with an enzymatic cleaner, vinegar and dish soap. Plan to try that. They also said you can clean it with enzymatic cleaner, make a paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and then wash with warm dish soap water. Maybe this will help with the grass. Its worth a shot. Only other idea I have is to keep purchasing new potty patches every so often. It about equals out vs. the cost of dog litter each month, just seems wasteful and kind of contradicts the whole purpose of being able to clean the patch. If anyone else has suggestions, would love to hear them.

17 lmthacker April 23, 2011

I love the potty patch. I still take my dogs outside, but I don’t have to go downstairs from my upstairs apartment every single time they need to go. It’s great on the patio!

18 Amanda May 1, 2011

I bought the Potty Patch for my 5lb Yorkie. For the past 2 years she has been using a doggy litter box, which worked fine, but it was a pain to clean out all the time, and it was an eye sore in my bathroom. After about a day she started using the Potty Patch with no problem. My ONLY complaint is the smell. After a few days, this thing just stinks. What I have been doing is filling up the tub about half way with hot water and I add Palmolive dish soap and a scoop of OxyClean to the water. Sometimes I spray the back of the grass with the liquid OxyClean as well. I let it sit for about an hour and then I rinse it out. I also throw the second layer thingy in there as well. I use pads to collect the pee in the bottom part, so I just use Clorox wipes to wipe that part down. I do this twice a week. Its not that bad, I just wish they could figure out a way for it not to smell. Other than that, I love the product.

19 patti May 14, 2011

my dogs love this product – I would too, except for the smell. It’s impossible to get the urine odor out.

20 Lori May 28, 2011

This product was a wonderful investment for me. I live in an upstairs apartment and decided to purchase one. I had the patch for a day and my dog starting using it. She always uses it and never goes anywhere else. The only problem with this is the odor in the grass. I have two patches to rotate while one is drying but I can seem to get the odor out. I have tried soap and pinesol both but still has the odor. I plan to try maybe a vinegar/ water mixture to see how that smells but other than that I love the potty patch.

21 MyChi May 30, 2011

It’s not rocket science if it’s “smelly” it needs to be cleaned every day. I take it outside and spray it down with disinfectant and then a dollar store odor neutralizer on the grassy pad works well. Cold weather, dump the pee and poop in the toilet and clean in the tub. The tub can be disinfected when done. I can’t leave my little one outside as we have no fence and too many critters and big birds that would love to carry her off. If the grassy pad sheds, then it needs to be replaced. Dogs scratch the ground when they are getting ready to GO. That’s why it sheds.

22 MyChi May 30, 2011

Let me also add what can help attract your pet to the Potty Patch is. Take a paper towel soaked with your pets urine and place it between the grassy pad and tray. Your pet will recognize it’s their place to go.

23 Gabrielle June 2, 2011

I have 2 potty patches (1 large, 1 small) that are currently in place, and a spare small one that I use the grass for replacement. I’ve been using them for about a month. I have 2 puppies of 2.5 months (pom-a-pug) and 7 months (pug), and they pee a lot at that age. I alternate each day which patch I wash, because it takes too long for the grass to get dry and my dogs won’t go on it when it’s wet. When my 2 months old is fully potty trained (we still have a few accidents here and there), I will switch to keep only the large one out, and wash it out every day, using the 2 small grass parts to alternate when the large one is wet.

Even though I wash them every other day, I find that they smell awful. When I bought the large one, though, I noticed that the pad was already smelling a little off, and the box was sealed so I know it hadn’t been used before. I think it’s to attract the dogs to go on it, but it’s pretty funky. I’m currently trying to soak the grass parts in vinegar water overnight, but I’ve had no luck with removing the smell. The good thing about the soak, though, is that all the little poop particles (that were not remove by the initial pick up and then later on by the rinsing) are coming out in the water so I know it’s all clean for sure.

I use wee-wee pads at the bottom of the tray to soak the urine, so that it doesn’t spill all over the place, and clean the tray and the prickly plastic part with Lysol wipes.

I wish there was a product that would totally get rid of the urine smell, because it defeats the purpose of having this if it constantly smells. Nothing says “this must be a dirty house” like the funky smell of urine when you open the front door.

I might try and remove the grass part entirely, but I’m not sure if my dogs are gonna go just on the plastic part. And will the urine really flow down the little holes, or will some of it stay on top for the dog to step in? We’ll see.
Gabrielle´s last blog post ..MIA

24 Gabrielle June 2, 2011

Super duper update!! I read on a website after I posted my comment that the all purpose cleaner Fabuloso works great. So I went to the store, and bought the Fabuloso Oxy. I wet my large patch, sprayed the Fabuloso on both side of the patch (I transferred the product into an empty spray bottle from the dollar store), let it stand for 15 minutes and rinsed it out thoroughly. IT WORKS!!!!! The awful urine smell is gone!!! I can’t believe it!! I washed one of the small patches with this too, and got the same great result! So anyone who’s out of options, just go to your nearest store and buy this for your patch, ’cause it works miracles!!! :D
Gabrielle´s last blog post ..MIA

25 amy June 10, 2011

ok i have a puppy and he is trained outside and on the potty patch but my apartment smells like piss really bad and i clean the grass but it still stinks. any ways to keep it from stinking or any way i can get my puppy to be pee inside using another method?

26 Jacqui Lavin June 21, 2011

I found the parts slide around easily, And I found my dog laying on it like a new bed instead of a toilet.

27 Paula L. Lancaster August 12, 2011

I purchased a small potty patch for my 4 month old Yorkie-Poo, Tonsha. She actually uses it. If she has to go late at night or during bad weather I still put a leash on her and take her to the potty pad just as I would if I was taking her outside. She just squats and immediately goes pee.
At 5 1/2 months old she began pooping on the pad on her own (put still has “accidents”). I think it is because she is being trained to poop and pee in the grass, on a leash, and in a certain area outdoors. So going on the potty pad with a leash feels the same to her. I also purchased a item that is supposed attract the dog to the potty patch on the internet. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I am hopeful of the results. Thank You Potty Patch, no going out in the snow, rain, hell, thunder storms, or if I have a illness.

28 Glo Mickey August 22, 2011

“SHOUT IT OUT” will get the smell out of the carpet. Shout Advanced Foam Spray is formulated for grease. I actually take the whole thing outside, rinse out the urine with the hose, spray the back of the carpet with Shout Advanced and let it sit for about 10 min. Then I get an old gallon plastic milk bottle and fill it with hot water,then add laundry soap and dump on the back of the carpet. I use a long handled dish brush to scrub it and them dump another gallon of hot water on it and then use the hose sprayer to throughly rinse it. “WORKS FOR ME”

29 Yorkie parent August 29, 2011

I have 3 Yorkies who use the potty patch. They love it. As for the smell—first I put the carpet mats inside 2 laundry bags in the washer. I use Tide, Oxy Clean and color safe bleach with hot water. Then I clean the trays with bleach and water. After the trays dry I put a light layer of cat litter in the bottom tray which really helps with odor control.

30 Enchantment Poodles April 19, 2013

I just purchased one to train my puppies with it and they are actually using it really well! They are 5 weeks old now and I am very impressed as to how well they took to it. Still a few mistakes on the papers but all in all most of the time they use the Potty Patch. But I do have to also say that it gets pretty smelly very quickly. Someone suggested bleach but sometimes bleach and urine smell together can be worse. I think I might try some Pinesol and see what that does. I also use a puppy pee pad in the bottom of the tray.