Pet Owners Have Mixed Reviews About Urine Gone

by Theresa on March 31, 2009 · 1 comment

Urine Gone is pretty much self explanatory....not such a pleasant subject to talk about. But if you have a pet in the house, sometimes you have to get out those darn pet smells and stains.  This is an all natural enzyme solution that's supposed to essentially eat away organic matter.  Here's what other pet owners are saying...

Urine Gone Claims

  1. Urine Gone is both a stain and odor eliminator.
  2. Effectively removes old or new urine stains and odors from washable fabrics and surfaces.
  3. Non-toxic and safe for carpet, sofa, beds, bathrooms, litter boxes, tile and wood.
  4. The secret ingredient in Urine Gone is the fast acting, natural enzymes that essentially eat away the organic matter in animal and human waste.
  5. You can also use it around the toilet or around the house to neutralize other odors as well.
  6. Urine Gone is also in stores that sell As Seen on TV products for $19.99.
  7. You get a 24-ounce spray bottle of Urine Gone and a battery-operated black light.
  8. Large refill bottles are also available.
Urine Gone Review and Handy Tips

Urine Gone Review and Handy Tips

Urine Gone Instructions

In a very dark room, locate stains with the blacklight stain detector.  Blot the stain to remove excess urine then saturate the carpet with the Urine Gone.  The [tags]urine gone[/tags]instructions also recommend that you saturate the carpet pad if that's also soiled.Leave it until the carpet is dry which could be an entire day. If the stain or odor is still there repeat the procedure over and over again until the smell or stain is gone.  Be aware that you can only use the Urine Gone on the stain and nothing else. This is because the chemicals in other products make the enzymes ineffective.

Good Points

  • Urine Gone has a light, refreshing fragrance and doesn't just cover up odors.
  • The enzymes do actually breaking down and removing the odors for most people.
  • Pets won't go again where you sprayed the Urine Gone.

Bad Points

  • You have to clean in the dark and get down on your hands and knees and crawl around to find the urine stains with the black light.
  • Urine Gone Consumer ReviewsSome found the black light gimmicky but it has to be used in a completely dark room in order to see the spots glow.
  • The smell will be worse when you spray Urine Gone on and when it dries it should go away.
  • It may not be great at stain fighting, but it does a great job with odors.
  • A few Urine Gone users mentioned that it stained their carpet and made the soiled spot worse. Most users didn't report this problem though. It's important to test it in an inconspicuous area.
  • It's expensive at $20 a bottle. I have heard that you can pick it up in stores where they sell As Seen on TV pet products. I've seen it on the Bed Bath Beyond website so you can find it at that store.
  • If you have really bad stains you might have to put a lot of product on it and you'll use up the entire bottle pretty fast.

A Few Hints

  1. Urine Gone is in StoresIt's much better to get the stain when it’s fresh.
  2. Never touch the stain with anything other than Urine Gone.
  3. The major consensus is that it really does kill the smell. It seems that it doesn't remove everyone’s stains as successfully.
  4. Use exactly as directed. Soak the stain, let it dry and you might need to scrub it in.

Urine Gone is featured in a few "Does it Work tests but they didn't even let the stains dry and then concluded that it doesn't work. I'm cautiously optimistic about this product. It seems to work really well for some people and not others. The only thing I could think of is if you used cleaners on the carpet previous to the current stain, the enzymes won't work. You can also put your CSI investigative skills to work looking for stains with that black light!

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1 Lori Mack November 1, 2010

Product seems to work well in getting rid of the odor, but not the stain. I used the black light to find the problem areas. Soaked them with the product. Went back to the area with the black light two days later and you can still see the stains.