Is Regifting Ok? Remember These Handy Hints

by Theresa on December 24, 2008 · 0 comments

Thinking of partaking in a little gift recycling this Christmas season?   It’s so convenient especially when your shopping for gifts at 4pm on Christmas Eve. Time is running out and your panicking.  I know the feeling!

But isn’t re-gifting the equivalent of unloading? If you think of it this way…not everything that you receive is something that  you have a use for or fits your style.  But it may be useful to someone else! Gift recycling according to these ladies is perfectly fine!

Seven Re-Gifting Rules

1.  Remember to keep track - Giving the gift back to the giver sounds like a really bad scenario. A post-it note with date and recipient on it can help you trace the “genealogy” of your gift.

2.  Hang onto re-gifted gifts for a while - You can hang onto the gifts for another year to reduce chances of being exposed!

3.  Some gifts are more prone to re-gifting - In this case the more impersonal the better. These are good for regifting. [tags]regift[/tags]Scarves, accessories and liquor.

4.  Give your gift a thorough examination - Don’t forget to remove any distinguishing marks, like tags, cards and old tape.  Try not to use the old box. Get some fresh tissue, wrapping paper and card! Use these handy gift wrapping ideas!

5.  Know your gift recipients tastes - If you get something that is not your taste, don’t give it to a friend who has similar taste to yours.

6.  Don't re-gift in panic - Don't search your house for something to give just because someone gave you a present. It's a desperate move. They are going to catch on that you didn't plan to give them something.

7.  Not all gifts are good for regifting - Never regift anything that is handmade, personalized, opened or partially used. I admit it, I've actually gotten all of these for Christmas at one time or another!  Think of how you’d feel if you got fruitcakes, socks or a can of peanuts for Christmas.  Some gifts are just not worthy of re-gifting.

Re-Gifting with style.... there you have it!  Instead of running out the mall, lets all just go and rummage through our closets for that perfect gift! :-)

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